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Damn, it taste so good.
I never use to be a big fan of chocolate, but now not a day goes by without eatting it. Must be these hormones kicking in. I don't have a favourite sort but i went to the shop about 30 mins ago and bought 3 bars, i only have one left. :ohmy::sad:

Do you like chocolate?
I love chocolate!!!! Nestle Double Cream is my favourite :drool: Followed by Galaxy Promises in Cocoa Crisp (ignore the hazelnut!!! Cocoa Crisp WILL REIGN SUPREME!!!!!! Mwahahahaha!)...
So, I'm a chocoholic :/ sue me :D
On second thoughts, don't. The only thing I have of any worth is my pc.


P.S. My 500th post!!! :O


chocolate is cool although i dnt eat much of it anymore :(
last time i had sum chocolate must of been on saturday when i had a Bounty :), prob only eat a bit of chocolate once a week, used to eat it everyday dunno y i stopped, jus did for sum reason :(
Grrrr.... I can't have too much chocolate, for one thing, it gives me headaches and for another thing I have to clean my braces after, and I'm too lazy... but aside from that, I love chocolate as well!


PS and congrats Lauren on your 500th post! :cheer:
Chocolate is awesome, I live off that stuff when I'm in the depressive state.
*is Manic Depressive*
But yeah, Chocolate is awesome, especially the double cream ones. For some reason I have this obsession with cream, I never drink milk, just cream.


lol I like Twirls and Double Cream and Flakes :) Don't eat huge amounts of the stuff though :D
Erm...... :unsure: chocolates ok.......

I can live without it
*waits to get shot down in flames from other thread answerers*
:blink: as if thats a word! :laugh:
I love chocolate but haven't had some in ages due to my diabetes. But I often imagine that if you're going to die then dying from a chocolate overdose would be the most delicious way of doing so. Don't you all agree? Hehe...
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