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Because we applied our creativity to build motor vehicles, computers, and technology that removes the need for physical rigor, and it has become normal. When resources run low, (essentials such as food and shelter) we will kill to acquire them as those instincts kick in and make us move an ass.

Yes, humans move from one spot to the next. This is why we have expanded worldwide over the course of our existence. We didn't go walking across the Bering Strait just for the heck of it. Europeans didn't cross the Atlantic for fun. We were escaping in search of a better nest in which to live and build civilizations. People didn't migrate for no reason; they were in search of other places to find resources and live, another example of curiosity being a key element in our advancement.

I believe we're very much like the way you described a virus. Anyone observing our behavior over the past ten thousand years will see that. Animals also migrate. Do they share a curiosity, or is it actually instincts leading them? I do believe the curiosity is natural and a key element that facilitates the instincts and primal, basic biological needs.
I've grown bored of this discussion and found it be to rather circular.
I am ending it.
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