Choices (may trigger)

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  1. Choices
    The blood gently trickled down across my arm,
    I knew my friends would hate me for doing this self harm.
    Of course that will not stop me, it’s not like it’s a crime.
    Every little breath I take, I know there is no time.
    Perhaps I will regret this, think it a mistake
    I think of all the people whose beating hearts I break.

    Everyone has choices to figure out their fate,
    But I know mine was decided I just have to wait,
    Should I find a way, to end it all right now?
    Cover all my tracks so no-one knows quite how.
    I start to think of the notes I could leave,
    I wonder about people who might think of me and grieve.

    Is it really worth it, would all my dreams come true?
    If perhaps I knew the facts then I would follow through.
    Is there life after death, are the rumours real,
    I hope I wouldn’t have another dire ordeal.
    My life just isn’t worth this; my mother thinks I lie,
    It would be much more useful if I close my eyes and die.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You are worth so much to the ones that do love you Your mother would never heal Choices choose to get strong and healthy okay get some help now so you don't have to continue to struggle hugs
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