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  1. raines883

    raines883 New Member

    Everyone has a choice to make in life. To continue going on with their life, trying to fix whatever problem there is. Or to end it. When I look around at friends and family I see happyness and joy. Its when I look at myself and see nothing. I feel like my friends and arent that close. My son is with his mom, who is marrying some other guy. All i have is my own mother. I have no one to miss me when Im gone. I cant meet anyone so I completely shut everyone out. I decided to shut down my life. No matter what you guys say I know how it is right now. When you have nothing in your life, why do you keep going on? The answer i you dont. Its not like im a George Bailey or something. Thats life, you live it then you die. Mine wasnt even a fun ride. Least its over now.
  2. pinkpetals33

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    You're right, we all have the right to choose. Like I bitched to my former therapist weeks ago....NOT everyone will make it. It's a horrible feeling....

    But I am curious, what happened to the rest of your family?

    Do you need to feel missed to be important? Why? Does that mean you measure your self worth by how many people miss you?

    So the ex is come you're not speaking of anyone special in our life? How come you haven't gone out to explore a new life to enrich who you are the experiences that make you who you are?
  3. Stranger1

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    You know even if your son is with your ex why don't you take him for the weekends? It gives her a little break and it gives you the chance to spend quality time with him.Take him fishing or to a movie or somewhere that can be your special place.
    You need to let your ex go.I relate to you in that respect. I havent totally got over my ex but I have learned to live with it. We have been split up for about 22 years and I still have that little spark for her. I tell myself that it is because she is the mother of my daughter.
    You need to get back out there and let people know you are back in the game. Who knows you might actually find someone who cares. If you need to talk or vent PM me I would be happy to talk to you...Stay Safe...
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