Christmas Rant

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Sa Palomera, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Sa Palomera

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    I hate Christmas. It's overrated.
    And exploited to the bone. Like everything in today's society.

    Humanity sucks.

    (and I'm not bitter at all :rolleyes: )
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    itz ok

    :wub: ya :hug:
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    :hug: Est.
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    Exactly.. bah humbug!!! Cheer up though it's almost done and over with.
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    I hate Christmas that little more with each passing year. But this is the best humanity can come up with, BUY BUY BUY, gotta keep greasing the wheel. The fucking economy would implode without christmas.
    That would make me very happy.
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    I've always considered Christmas to be the most detestable holiday of them all, big corporations pound you with commercials that proclaim you only love your family if you buy them lots of useless crap they'll never use through these particular weeks. And manipulate impressionable children into driving their parents absolutely insane with incomprehensible requests of toys they can't afford. People just need to tell their little brat kids to STFU and to be thankful for what they have and family members that paying the damn heating bill is a higher priority than serving their bigoted love of free shit on December 25th. :dry:
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  10. some customer was buying a gift in my store and started screaming at me because the item she gave me didnt have a price tag attached and i went to find a similar item to compare it... the item was also mis-marked in price and i had to tell the manger on duty anyway. i would have given her the discount because it was what she picked up. so i go back to the register and she screams at the top of her lungs in the crowded store that i accused her of stealing. I was only doing my job. This holiday season sometimes brings out the worse in people.
  11. FrostyGrunt

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    I also work in retail and had similar experiences with irate fools. :rolleyes: People these days just don't have any self control over what they do, I see no difference in the behavior of 12 year old kids in the mall I work in and the behavior of some adults. Makes me sick.

    The most memorable explosion by a customer I have had was one day I had left my kiosk for about 3 minutes and was talking to a girl who worked in the store next to me, some guy walked up to my register and seemed to be "studying" it. So I walked over because it made me nervous that he was going to try and open it, but he walks away before I get to him. So I go back to the girl and continue where I left off when suddenly he walks up to us and starts shouting about how I "ignored" him for "half an hour" at which point I told him to go fuck himself, in those exact words. I think he was just acting like that to cover up what he was really intending to do, which was to rip off my register. He looked enough like a desperate hobo.
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  12. people can be very vicious. i think one of the first things you learn working in retail during the holidays is restraint with the crappy customers. The holidays are always about who can buy the most flashy gifts too.
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    back on topic. sorry! yes, Christmas is ridiculous. it always has been.
    the most miserable stupid holiday ever invented. gee, I sure hope some
    bible thumping morons take umbrage with my having used the word "invented"
    bring it on, thumpers :laugh:
  14. Sa Palomera

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    Great. I had a good Christmas, partly. Loved Christmas day, really. Just being with my dad and my step mum and the dog. Catching up, talking, enjoying dinner together. It felt a bit like when my sister went to Bonaire for 5 months back in 2005/2006. It felt so good.
    Though I also was excited that my sister and her girlfriend would come over on Boxing Day. It was nice with them there too on Boxing Day. We unwrapped presents and stuff. But then dinner started. They all talked about stuff that makes me feel lonely really. My sister and her girlfriend just moved into a house they bought, and it was all house-stuff, the will, executors and stuff they were talking about.
    It made me feel like the odd one out. My dad & his wife. My sister & her girlfriend.. And me. I don't like feeling left out, except for the times I am the one making sure I'm left out. When I go sit in my room on my own, then i don't mind. But during a dinner with family, I bloody well do mind feeling left out. Especially when I miss an ex of mine very much.
    So basically the entire second half of Boxing Day I been thinking about how much I miss her, while they were chatting about stuff I don't know anything about.

    So then on Third Christmas Day (as I usually call it), I wanted some good time. I invited Sven over. I arrived at home around 3.30pm and Sven would come around 5.30pm. It was nice. I'd hoped for a nice evening. But as soon as I came back home from visiting my parents I knew what it was gonna be like..
    There they were. Sitting all snuggled up to each other. They both know that it hurts me to see them like that.
    I mean, after my birthday party she asked me if I had a good time and I literally said "yeah, well, seeing the two of you being all smoochy-smoochy kinda hurt, but I just drank some more. So it's all good."
    She KNOWS what I'm like with alcohol. She knows I'm someone who tends to 'drink away' emotional pain.. So I'd say that was enough of a hint. But no.
    But okay, I tried to just ignore their lovey-dovey-all-over-each-other shit.. When Sven was here too, the four of us played Monopoly. But at some point I just couldn't see them anymore. Kissing, rubbing hands, holding each other, cuddling. So I kept, asking when the game was finished. "Are we done yet?" lol.
    Finally when we were done, I cleaned up my shit and made sure Sven and I had dinner upstairs in my bedroom. Which I NEVER do. But I just couldn't stand them two anymore. I was so close to having a major outburst. I nearly lost my temper but I didn't. and now Sven went home, and I want to go clean, but I 'm scared to go downstairs. I mean, he left too, so I won't have to look at them two together anymore until after new year, but, I'm so scared that if she says one word, that goes down wrong on my side, I'll lose my temper. I'm this close to smashing things to pieces. I doubt I've been this angry in a while.

    Stupid Christmas. Fuck it. Never brings any luck for me, does it.
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    :hug: est it did it brought me back to you :laugh: not that that would be a good thing!! :wub: you hun, its doen with now for another year and you know you can rant at me all you want..

    love you hun :hug: