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Christmas Time Not so jolly

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okay not been here for a while but anywayhere goes,

Christmas is supposed to be a time for Joy and Happiness but i know from my past that christmas can also be the time of year when the togehterness(sp) can make you feel so isolated you want to end it more than ever well i'm here saying it can get better even if it looks bleak. I can't give no magic speech as everyone will come through it in different ways. Try and focus on a positive in life and focus on it. If you need to talk then you canPM me and i shall try my best to respond as quickly as possible and give straight to the point advice.
I know for some people this time of year is more difficult than others so i just wanna say please don'tdo anything rash and PM me if things get hard and try and have a good christmas time.



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I have also had unhappy Christmas seasons in the past. I am not a big fan of the holidays anyway. I will try to make the best of it though.
I hate it when other people,whom are happy and excited about Christmas,ask if I am ready for Christmas. When people ask me questions such as this I can't just say "Sure am" without meaning it. So I say "No not really". Its kinda like when people ask me how I am doing...I know they are just asking to start conversation but I cant just say "Pretty good!" if I dont mean it. Anyway if I say no Im not really ready for Christmas...of course they ask why I say because I dont speak to any of my family...blah blah blah. Ive gotten over it I dont feel like going back into this everytime somebody asks me a question about the Holidays. I absolutley hate the holidays.


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I will be spending Christmas all by myself. It makes me feel like a world number one loser.

Christmas was my favourite holiday, but I can never ever be happy on Christmas ever again. Not when loneliness and depression are the only two friends who are willing to spend it with me.


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i dont bother to hide the fact i hate christmas, everyone knows, i even got a t shirt printed specialy that says bah humbug


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Hi, David! Christmas use to be my fav holiday. I use to go all out and decorate.. have a tree, etc. Dec. use to filled up with many things, plays, parties, then up to New Year's the 2nd weekend of Jan.. usually..

You are not loser.. ever.. I am glad you are here to talk about how you feel.. I really dread Christmas and New years..

I am sorry, hon, I am behind on posts, I know, depression is a HUGE part of this time of year.. hate the holidays and I use to love the holidays when I was younger but so much as happened and my joy was taken away..

Do you have any family? Any friend? in your life? I have lost much and it is hard.. want to isolate myself and not participate.. somebody, gave me a free tree.. which was nice.. but I don't even feel like decorating it.. I tried to tell this person, didn't want it..very sad for me..

I am so sorry you are feeling lonelieness and depression that you are your friends.. yeah, mine too.. but you know.. I am here, if you want to PM me.. and we can talk.. It is very difficult this time of year for many of us.. jus
know that I am here.. I dread this season too.. In fact when I first found this forum here, I had decided I couldn't do another year.. another New Year.. I just wanted to end it and honestly, has been a struggle.. no hope in the New Year for a future.. have been through alot of shit. still facing alot of shit, that is not mine.. I was left with... I am strugglilng here to be honest with you.. new year coming up. so I come here. have met wonderful greatest friends in the whole world.. they have helped me get through this far.. and be there for me.. I want to walk away Jan 1st.. and just give whatever to my nephew.. then I come here.. a blessing.. still hard not to do what I feel like doing.... just know we are here for you.. wish we could or some of us be there with you in person for the holidays.. just know we are here online for you.. Ok?? It is a really tough time the next couple weeks or so.. we understand..

Feel free to PM me if you like anytime. you need to talk.. Please keep hanging in there somehow.. I was on my way to bed.. and saw your post.. usually, I check ppl's post and forgive me that I didn't.. Do you have any family or any friends you are close too? Are you seeing a T (therapist) or/and (pdoc, psychiatrist?} Just wondering if you are taking any meds to help you deal with how you feel..

Take care okay?? Just know that we are always here for you.. This is a tough, really tough time of yeat to get through this, and difficult enough through the year to try to get through it when one is feeling extremley lonely and expecially the depression.. so hard to get up and face another day.. Yoiu have friends here who will help you. and really sincerely do care about you. and are there for you.. I am here too..



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For the last many years I've dreaded Christmas and only "enjoyed" it for the sake of my kids when they were little. Now they're older and tho I try to enjoy it for its real meaning, that too is hard as I don't often feel like a 'child of God' but more like an outcast, a disowned orphan. Was feeling the "Christmas spirit" a few weeks ago but kids and finances and circumstances just stomped all over that and now feel like dirt and don't care - can't wait til it's all over.

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