Christmas was.....

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  1. itmahanh

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    (fill in the blank).

    For me nothing more or less than I expected. I think I'm everyone elses Christmas gift. The one that they would return if they could. Same old guilt trips and bullshit.
  2. Stormhand

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    Well as far as the Christmas with my mom and family, it was predictable, like always mom does not know what in the world to get me, so she gets me something I have absolutely no need for.
    Its no surprise, when I hit about 16 in my life, my parents hardly wanted to know me, at least my dad treated me like a human being, and not like I am hardly able to take care of myself liek my mom does..still to this day.

    Moving on...
    As for my Christmas with my friends, it was great, we had it at my crowded as it was..we had fun, watched movies, laughed, switched presants.
    It was great
  3. total eclipse

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    I like how you said that I am everyone elses christmas gift. Yeh thats about right. With me i wish they would give me away but they all seem to need me too much so i guess i will not be in their return pile this year. I wonder if i can return myself probably won't get much back take care the season is coming to an end soon.