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Christmas!.. well... ?

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Hey Guys!! How we all doing? WONDERFUL, I know!

Well.. I was looking at this other forum, and they were talking about christmas cards! Apparently last year they exchanged addresses and those uncomfortable with that just exchanged email addresses so they could send each other CHRISTMAS CARDS!!
So, i was thinking.. Why dont we do that?! Perhaps someone (id be happy to do it) an administrator would be best i guess but i personally arnt phased.. Yeah, if someone was the "christmas card list person" (CCLP) everyone that would like to recive or send a christmas card could give their address to the CCLP and get one or however many addresses they want in return. Or if everyone is happy with just putting up ther address they could just put it in a new thread and yeah, we could do it from there.

Id like to know what you all think with my Christmas Card idea, i think it would be lovely. Take care all, hope to hear from you soon! Ally _%
if anyone wants a card, just PM me the info & I'll send you something. You can send your own card to the return address if you want, but is not necessary.
Hey, you thought I was joking? I'm sending some cards! I bought them at the store today, and still have 3 left. First ones to reply or send PM will get a card. You don't have to send me anything back, this is just for fun, for the holidays. My return address will be on the envelope if you want to reply though. :smile:

I'll put your name and country here if you request a card, so that I'll remember to send. Obviously your other information is kept confidential.

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I don't think it's a good idea to hand out your home address to complete strangers...(nothing against anyone) P.O. box or Email is cool, :smile: but please take my advice and DO NOT hand out or publish your personal information.

Having said that I'm always up for sending and receiving holiday cheer! :cheer:
You have a good point Georgia Lass - so please, no one post your address, I know if I see someone's address I'll be editing it out, and I imagine other mods would do the same, because it's just not a safe site to do that on, with some of the trolls we get being the ignorant ****s that they are.
However if you know someone I don't see there being anything wrong with PMing addresses :) I'll probably be doing that, lol. I know on Afterdark there is a thread for postcards, and I've sent out a couple from Glasgow and got a couple from America and some from Bunny :laugh:
Spreading Christmas cheer is ALWAYS fun :biggrin:


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I wish i could skip the whole thing this year...just rip off those pages from the calendar and move on!
I'm sorry, so for me no xmas cards, I wish I just could forget the whole thing, but no way, everything, everywhere is this thing called xmas, should be about peace on earth, love, whatever good things , but it just makes me sick!
I don't want to give anyone a bad feeling, but it's allready working on me ,and we still so many days away!!!!!
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Helena ...oh dear God I feel exactly the same. Would give anything to go to bed and wake up sometime in February.
I've always loved Christmas and do loads of cooking and decorating and spend hours hand painting or embroidering Xmas cards. CANNOT BE ASKED this year and everyone I know will be like "Whats up with her this year, no card, no special biscuits or her Christmas cake ??!!" AARGH !!!

if u is Scrooge...me is Jacob Marley :laugh:

PS: have had a thought, I'm going to drag this lazy arse down to midnight mass on Christmas eve, maybe staying away from all the commercialism will help this year and anyways have always loved midnight mass. Time to do something I like.
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