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  1. Jinxed

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    I hate this time of year so much, all the fake happiness it is bad enough having to fake happy everyday of my life and then today there is so much more pressure. All I want to do is stay in the house with the curtains closed and cut and cry and hide away from it all. I cant I have to go see my parents and pretend everything is ok.
    29 years old and I feel like a mixed up teenager, I cant tell anyone how bad I feel and its all too damn much.
  2. Cath

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    You're not alone in how you feel, there is plenty of people here you can talk to.
  3. The_Discarded

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    :hug: Breathe....
  4. itmahanh

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    I know and understand exactly how you feel. And the worst is trying to keep that happy face on for my kids. It so sad that every one puts so much effort into one lousy day of the year. If it helps, please know that yu are not totally alone today. I'm in the same boat. Just try your best to stay strong today.
  5. perry_mason

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    everything you said is so true
  6. Anonymous2

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    I know how you feel. Everybody is always so happy during the holidays, but for me it’s just another day. In some ways, it is even worse than just another day. Christmas is like a reminder that another year has gone by during which I’ve made no progress or improvements in my life, disorders, or physical health.

    Yesterday, my parents had a Christmas party at our house. Instead of going to the party, I closed my bedroom door and went to sleep. I hate going to parties because I have to act happy and answer questions about myself. I have very few positive things going on in my life so when people ask questions about me, my answers are negative and embarrassing. I use to go to social gatherings and leave feeling depressed and embarrassed. At this point in my life, I’ve decided I would rather just avoid social gatherings completely.
  7. Jinxed

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    Thanks to you all.