Christy (Witty_Sarcasm), this is for you.

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    I just want you to know it hurts me to see you hurting so badly because you don't deserve it, and it really pisses me off to know that some low life piece of shit thought it was okay to do the things he did. So, this is my little rant to said anonymous person. I'm not sure what the fuck is wrong with some people, but I care about you and it's not just something I'm saying because I feel like it, or I'm being nice/polite. I'm not nice/polite to people I don't care enough about to be nice/polite to, so just know that you can always take my words for what they really are. So yeah, remember when I said I'd like to give this asshole a piece of my mind a while ago? Well, here's what that would sound like.

    Why would you go out of your way to hurt someone who is already hurting as badly as they are, and then on top of that try to defend your actions to make yourself feel better about it? You don't deserve to feel better about it because your actions are inexcusable. So just in case your delusional thinking has, in fact, made you feel better, let me break it down for you so that you understand what it really is. Simply put, you're a scumbag. You probably lie more than a crackhead craving his next rock. And similarly, you lack the mental components that allow you to show guilt for what you've done because you've probably done it your entire life and, to you, it's as simple as putting that rock into a pipe and deeply inhaling. Fuck other people and how they feel, right? As long as you get whatever it is you wanted out of it. What have your lies gotten you so far in life, though? Probably nothing, right? You're lonely, insecure, no meaningful accomplishments, not a friend in the world. That's what happens to perpetual liars, though. Nobody wants anything to do with them. So as for your claim about everyone lying...wrong. Not everyone does. Not about things like that. And even crackheads eventually realize that living their life that way is going to leave them with nothing and nobody. Or, at the very least, they realize what they are. So if even a crackhead has the mental capacity to understand what they are, whereas you seem far from doing so, then I suppose you're lower than a scumbag. Keep lying and living in your delusions and see where you end up. And that girl you hurt will get over you, trust me, you're not all that memorable or important.

    I would say that I wish I could get my husband to kick him in the teeth for you, but I'd probably be able to do it myself because of how much of a bitch he sounds like.

    Also while I'm at it, I'd just like to ask people who really care about this girl to contact her. A lot of people seem to prefer waiting for her to contact them first and just telling her that they're there if she needs them, but since when do people who are hurting reach out for help first? Especially when a bunch of assholes have deeply distorted any faith she ever had in people and made her afraid that if she says what's really on her mind, it'll push people away. Christy is a wonderful person and we need to show that to her.
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    This is very nice of you too post, your right people who are hurting hardly want to reach out, I've been worried about her and have already messaged her.. I wish I could do more but I know all I can do is hope she takes our support..
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    Witty- you are AWESOME and do not deserve to be feeling the way you do, you have an amazing personality, you are caring, supportive,compassionate.....the list goes on.
    Please honey, do not hurt yourself! Get help, help is out there and waiting for you. We care about you! We really do :)