Chronic Illness

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    13 years ago I was diagnosed with Leukemia and subsequently underwent three and half years of intensive chemotherapy, whole brain and spinal radiation. Although I was cured, three years later I developed late effects of the treatment. For the last ten years I've had to deal with burning pain throughout my body, crippling exhaustion, a heart arrhythmia and blood pressure issues as well as numbness and tingling in the hands, feet and face. The likely culprit to these issues was nervous system damage due to radiation. As a result I am unable to work and I deal with a lot of physical and mental pain, which means: (1) I can't support myself; (2) I can't enjoy the things in life that I love and do what I want to accomplish. This in turn has led me into a deep depression which in turn has taken me to heavy substance abuse and legal issues. I feel that the legal, substance abuse and mental issues are all superficial--that if I could just find a solution to the health problem I could make my life infinitely better. As it stands there seems to be no treatment or cure for my neuropathy, and I cannot receive social security because the medical evidence is not concrete was only fairly recently that doctors even learned of the long-term complications to their treatment.

    The fatigue is unlike anything one encounters on a normal a teenager I was a highly competitive athlete, I've endured the fatigue that comes with chemo, radiation, extreme muscle atrophy, etc., I climbed mountains on chemotherapy and none of this fatigue compares to the exhaustion I'm experiencing...both mental and physical. It's as if the very mechanisms one uses to better their lives have been crippled in me...I no longer have the ability to help myself in any profound way. I don't want to die, but I can no longer tolerate this life. I'm tired of people telling me that I just have to be "ok" with my limitations and pain.
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    I am sorry for your difficult situation. I understand all too well chronic illness and pain and how difficult it can be. The substance abuse is a common result - whether illegal drugs or improper use of prescribed ones. Unfortunately, for effective medical treatment from an actual pain management clinic you will likely need to prove the illegal substances are not problem and the transition would me no pain support for a while. In addition, Social security could still be one but as soon as there a re references to drug or alcohol abuse or the possibility of it even in medical records it gets much more difficult.

    I do not have a good easy answer, but sympathize with the very difficult position. If you want some ideas for how to get the disability to go through feel free to PM me ....
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    Thanks for the response. I understand that no taxpayer wants to pay for someone's drug habit. However, what infuriates me is that my parents have payed way more into the system than the majority of people, they have a son who's been disabled by toxic chemotherapy and damaging radiation that they now have to take care of, my doctors deem me as disabled and I get denied because 1/10 of the time I was disabled I abused substances? Either that or the idiot judge flat out ignored the doctors and the medical research on the toxic nature of cancer treatment.