Chronic Infections


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Been dealing with chronic infections for a little over 2 years. Have seen multiple doctors and finally saw a specialist a couple weeks ago. He was very helpful and diagnosed me with a condition (I don't want to share the specifics) and gave me meds for it. He said this condition was leading me to getting these infections. I woke up this morning to another infection and I'm breaking down over it. I feel like I can't take it anymore. I have spent so much time and money and effort to clear this and no matter what it just keeps coming back. Sometimes I go a couple weeks without it and just when I start to breathe easy again another one comes along. I feel hopeless. It's driving me crazy. I feel like these chronic infections are 25% of the reason why I'm depressed. I'd do anything to make it stop.

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I do hope this specialist can help you It is so hard when one is sick and trying to deal with depression on top of it all. Hope soon you find the medications you are on start working


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Thanks since I lost my job I may also be losing my insurance and access to the specialist. It goes without saying I can't really afford to pay for a specialist appointment with no income. I feel like I have no strength anymore. I am so tired of fighting. I'm exhausted and overwhelmed.

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