Chronic lack of sleep getting ridiculous!

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  1. ThePhantomLady

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    If I'm lucky I get 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night. but often it's 3 or even lower than that.

    I'm so frustrated. I'm constantly tired and it's making me emotionally vulnerable. But right now it's hit a point where I'm numb...

    When I try to go to bed early; and even if I don't have to lay awake with thoughts, memories, anxiety etc. I still wake up after a couple of hours. Sometimes I wake up with a jolt and panic, bathed in sweat; I assume I'm having nightmares that I can't remember or is reacting to a noise or something. (I think it's to do with my PTSD).

    If I don't set an alarm I still wake early in the morning and can't fall back asleep

    I have tried to avoid coffee and caffeine... and even on days where I have been active and outside (which is a big thing for me since I've been isolating myself after my friend was attacked)... I still go through the same pattern.

    I have Seroquel to take if I need to sleep... but because they react with my pain relief I fall asleep for up to 18 hours when I do take them; and when I wake up I've had some weird experiences with seeing shadows so I really want to avoid them. My therapist told me that they are now prescribing antihistamines as sleep aid, and I know taking them does help me sleep... but they also react with the pain relief and has me in a 'drunk' state for the next day too.

    I invested in a sleeping mask thinking it might be the light that is waking me up (which might be wrong, as I sleep with the TV on and has done most of my life as I'm scared of silence and the dark).

    I just know this can't continue; it's literally driving me nuts.
  2. Frances M

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    I hated being on Seroquel, it made me paranoid, very paranoid. You sound like you're doing good things...have you considered trying to sleep at different time, like during the day rather than at night? I have to do a full body stretch before bed to relax enough, and I put on soothing nature new age music, I used to sleep with the tv on, but that messed up my sleep more. I had insomnia for years...I know how bad it affects your entire body and emotions...
  3. ThePhantomLady

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    I have, especially as I'm not working and I know I've always been more 'awake' and creative at night... but the problem is my alarm is set to 7:50 every morning because that's the moment my LDR boyfriend turns his laptop on... he wouldn't be mad if I wasn't there... in fact he always tells me to sleep in. But I miss him every minute he's not available so I want to be there.