Chronic pain

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    I hope you find the right doctor. There are a lot that don't care and a lot that do. I would keep searching for the right doctor or ask your doctor about sending you a referral to pain management so you can seek treatment for your pain properly. That is just awful you have no answers and no pain relief options. You have every right to feel down. That's not acceptable to just be in pain.
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    Being a chronic pain sufferer too, I thought I’d throw out some ideas in case they help anyone. I was on tramodol, gabapentin and cyclobenzaprine for about 10 years before they started to build up in my system and almost killed me. I never took more than I was told to either. I’m in much worse shape after taking them than before I started. All my doctors now have just told me that I just need to learn to live with it because supposedly there is nothing they can do. This turned me to find other ways that can help with pain.

    I had been tested for food allergies many many times in my life and it always came up negative. But I’ve come to find out that I have food intolerances that make my pain much much worse. I’ve heard food intolerances can make you start hurting more anywhere up to three days after you eat an offender. That made it hard for me to figure out what makes me worse. If fasting helps anyone, I’d have to wonder if it’s becuase you didn’t eat something that makes you hurt so you end up feeling a bit better. An elimination diet would tell you what you can’t do. Cut out something for a few weeks and see how you feel when you add it back in. I was surprised to find out most of my family had food intolerances. I think they are more common than people think and medical doctors don’t really know much about it usually.

    Also, vitamin b cream can be applied to the areas that hurt for some relief of some conditions. I use the once by Sarati on amazon. It’s a vitamin supplement cream not some random moisturizer. I got this information from a lady who used to be a doctor in another country. I was so surprised it did anything.

    I’ve also had help with magnesium oil spray. Magnesium can be a natural muscle relaxant (doesnt work as strongly as medication ones) that can be used with medication. I can’t sleep without using a bunch before bed. It has been a huge help since I can’t take muscle relaxants anymore.

    Anyways, I hope this can help someone. :)
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    Can't sleep, too much pain. XD Oh God.

    I should probably stop taking so much ibuprofen, I'll detox this weekend.
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    Sorry to hear that, @MarkahMalady Have you tried switching between ibu and naproxen? Like take naproxen twice a day and ibuprofen in between. I do that when I'm extra messed up. I sure hope you start feeling a little better to you can get some rest.
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    I appreciate the tip @walkerbait95, in the past naproxen ain't done shit for me. It might be time to give it another try though. I was on prescription naproxen from age 12-26, so maybe it's become less effective for me. Is that a thing?? Idk.
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    Okay, I guess I'm buying some naproxen tomorrow because my bones are on fire rn.
    Hopefully at some point I can stop being a spaz and be honest with my dr about this suffering.
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    Naproxen and aspirin and ibuprofen and acetaminophen are child's play. I'm joking, but they don't touch strong pain. Consider stronger pain meds.

    Everyone's situation is different, but often people don't get their soft tissue problems treated by MDs, PTs, chiropractors, etc. Soft tissue means muscles, tendons, ligaments, and most of the other stuff of your body except your organs and blood system.

    If you have trouble with muscles or joints or just pain in general, I'll bet a whole lot of you need to know about treating "trigger points." They are highly painful teensy "knots" in your muscles and can incapacitate you.

    To start, go to Amazon and get The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, any edition.

    It's a cheap book, it'll tell you how to treat your own body, and there are no drugs involved! This is like a Bible for me and helps me get through my chronic pain. It's a lifesaver.
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    I was assuming that heavier meds weren't an option when saying to switch between the two others, yanno? There's a narcotic crackdown in this country lol
    I'll have to check out that book maybe, @Roseforhope I'd try anything these days to help.