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  1. total eclipse

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    okay trying meds again but i am telling you i am drained. no energy what so ever I am on 10mg day and all i want to do is sleep been on this med 2 weeks now longest i have ever stayed on meds missed last night dose though. Will this fatigue go away i am not seeing this working for depression just no anxiety as too tired.thanks mary
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    I believe that cipralex is lexapro. I only lasted on that drug a few weeks,it made me feel very weak.I have no idea when the side effects will wear off, dont think I lasted long enough to find out. I think you should tell your doctor how it's causing you to feel. Hopefully she'll either change your med,or lower dosage ect.. :)
    I hope you feel better soon Mary.
  3. total eclipse

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    i tried get hold of my doctor today but he didn't call back I missed last night dose as i just cannot function now 5pm here and i am finally not feeling snowed don't think i will take it tonight give my body a rest from it for awhile
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    Yes, it is.
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    Hey Mary,

    Not sure how long the side effects last on cipralex. I'm on it myself (20mg/day), but by the time it was prescribed to me I already experienced side effects from other medication (seroquel, abilify, edronax and others) and was kind of used to it. It really worked well for me. I'm now at the point where I can begin to phase it out and see what happens.

    You should really stick to the medication for at least 6 weeks to see if it works. It takes AT LEAST that long for the serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain to change significantly and for you to feel a difference (may happen sooner or even later, but average is 6 weeks). So I'd say give it a shot, and don't skip your medication at all. If it happens once in a while, I think you're fine. But if you skip it frequently then the medication won't work, and that goes for all anti-depressants.

    Best of luck and hope it works out!

  6. total eclipse

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    Thanks ive been bad lately with everything going on with my daughter i have forgotton to take medication last 2 nights I will try to remember to take it tonight and stick with it for 2 more weeks anyway I guess i will need it with evrything going on take care i hope weaning off your meds goes well
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    Thank you very much and I'm glad to hear your giving it another go. Keep us updated on how your doing on the medication and if you need someone to listen.

    Hope the medication works out for you!