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i've thinking latelly , and i couldn't find anything to make me feel diferent. And can read and watch movies , but the informations do not even move me .i'm afraid to identify me self with people arround me, or with the caracthers.i feel like a vegetable , my mind doesn't make anything, everything that it does is going in circles,and time is running away , and I can't see ,I'm like a blind pearson , who has everything and cant move.recently a start crying again, and when that happens, i'm blocked.The therapy what i took, or the therapyst i guess, didn't wreally felt all my problems, because i think o have a double deppresion,and i don't know anymore what is making order in my mind.
Also I have to deal with contradictions, i cannot translate to myself , what people say , to my problems,
when i want to speak about my feelings a suddenlu start crying, i can't continue
i feel guilty.I don't know how to deal with this , and after a few houres i loose interest , i gave up . and i fear because i geva up , and I wnat everything to stop forever


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Hi Mary and so sorry you are feeling so awful...you said you had a therapist and that the therapy may not have been that effective...why not look for someone else? not all ppl can connect, and maybe there is someone who can be more skillful for you...just my thoughts,and hope you are doing better today...big hugs
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