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  1. Lux5

    Lux5 Member

    I took a walk on the path of a circular pond.
    The path is never-ending, and yet
    it also leads to nowhere. What, then, is sanity?
    Moving ahead, round and round we go?
    Or just sitting still and staring at the water.
    What if people yell and laugh at you,
    "You are not moving", "step aside for those who
    wish to move ahead", they shout.
    I am just happy where I am.
  2. Circles move you
    to familiar places,
    bring you back to
    things you can't face,
    or to the solace
    of day to day
    moment by moment
    where things
    aren't so easily stolen

    Another very beautiful expression Lux! Welcome btw...

  3. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    circles also can draw you in and keep everyone else out....if you choose to let them...

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  4. Lux5

    Lux5 Member

    Thanks for your comments, foundandlost1 and the leastoflthese.
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