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  1. Gem_Healer

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    hey. This is the AD i am on.

    And i'd like some more info or something on it.

    since being on it. My arguments with myself, and objects that cannot answer back have gotten worse. My suicidal feelings have not been more frequent, but been more noticable or something like that.

    I'm getting really paranoid, used to a little bit, but not this bad.
  2. Puddytat

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    my brother, mom and friend are all on it. Cilift, the South African brand.

    this is the transcript for it:

    dont know if it has any information you dont already know. its supposed to be controlled and observed often so if it is giving you some weird symptoms you should speak to your doc about it, maybe get put on something else. not every drug affects everyone the same.
  3. sui caedere

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    with this stuff my temper shows more and feelings of suicide are more thinking than plaining.

    but my friends at work tell me i am talking a lot more about dyng.

    so i dont know if it is working or not
  4. Spearmint

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    I was on that..Only for a day though, because it made me shake badly..I think if you have any concerns about it, go to your doctor, and tell them what's wrong.
  5. bluewail

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    i was on it for a couple of months, it didn't lift my mood at all, made me quite shaky, and made me more aware of suicidal thoughts too. BUT it did get get rid of all kinds of paranoia. i always had this internal monologue telling myself how everyone could see how weird i was and how they were all looking at me, and i was so used to it i didn't even think of it as a problem until i started taking citalopram and it all went away. i felt so much more rational and it's the only medication i've taken that's made any difference at all. so yeah, i don't think it's great for suicidal feelings, but for me it was very effective for paranoia and anxiety. a frend of mine's been on it for years cos she gets really neurotic and anxious and i think it really helps her.