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I've stopped it without doctor's orders because I felt it didn't truly help me. I'm gonna go back and see if I can go onto something else. Prior to stopping Citalopram, I wasn't on it constantly but the last few months of last year I took it regulary but it still didn't help at the time. I was on 40mg of it.

What are peoples experiences of Citalopram?


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i am on 30mg atm...have a history of bad reactions to AD but this one is not so bad but having said that is not really helping..if anything...i am more anxious, sleep worse...nausea..spaced out...twitchy..paranoid...abnormal thoughts...so have also been toying with idea of giving it up. seeing doc on fri after psych apt so will see if he wants to up it or give me up as a lost cause. :shelbi:


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It's interesting you say about the effects it's had on you. I feel that I have gotten more paranoid, etc but I can't say if it's because of citalopram nor can I rule citalopram out either.


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I'm on 30mg at the moment and although it's helped considerably with my anxiety and paranoia, it hasn't actually helped my depression. I didn't realise it was actually working until I stopped taking it for a few months and I started slipping back into my old ways, so I started taking them again and although they don't have a huge effect on me, I can definitely see the improvements.


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Helped somewhat with my depressed. I had some days where I felt very very good. Other days I crashed and burned and became suicidal. Have run out of meds. Not taken them for two weeks now due to not being able to get an appointment. Feel low as fuck.


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because everyone is different, its hard to put behaviour down to meds...all i can say definitely is that following increase i sure as hell have weird dreams, abnormal thinking, more paranoia (which i wasnt aware of on lower dose) numbness, more detachment, and a greater desire to act on impulse, for example today i walked by a golf club and i had this urge to run on to the green where the golfers were playing and kick all the balls into the distance and empty their golf bags and mix their clubs...i didnt see anything wrong in doing this and found it hilarious and each time i walk passed the course i find myself fighting not to do it. i have never felt these urges before the meds...so guess i am saying is that all meds can make us feel "odd" its just whether the feelings increase the reason we are on the meds in first place...if that makes sense...doh :sheep2:


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Thanks for the replys. It's interesting stuff. What are your experiences of other medication? Is there any that has worked better than citalopram?


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i have been on sertraline, olanzapine and mertazpine...absolutely evil effects on me which led to more meds to counter the effects....citalopram has proved the lesser evil...but isnt perfect but i guess no med is...you just have to find the one that affects you the least...and one you are prepared to put up with for the potential benefits. i hate meds..but i know at the moment without them i would not be here and still struggle but i guess they give me breathing space. all meds i was given was with "these have low side effect profile" but of course this was not the truth and so now i have little faith when i get prescribed this stuff...but out of them all citalopram whilst not perfect has been most tolerable, depending if i ignore the side effects. hope this makes sense...

life is not perfect so why should meds be :sparkle:


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I was on citalopram 40mg year before last and it helped but came off it too early the started again Nd it didnt help at all :(
Now trying to finds med that helps.
Citalopram not doing a thing.
Trazadone zonked me out
Starting Mirtazepine tonight.
At least i am stock piling tabs not needed


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I hate it because it lowers my sexual libido, and masturbation is probably one of my favorite forms of relaxation. On the upside, if I know I'm going to have sex that day I'll pop a 20mg pill and I'll be able to last for hours and hours. She enjoys it a lot ;)

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