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  1. "Im sorry, and I love you" is the last text, last sentence, last anything to be heard from one of my best friends who passed away December 2, 2008. He took he own life in the early morning soon after sending me that text message to which i responded "sorry for what?" since then my world has been turned upside down. No body knew, not one since person knew that he was hurting so bad. We call knew cody as a happy go lucky guy who always put others before him.
    I've been battling some form of depression since i was 8 years old when my parents had a horrible divorce and stuck me in the middle of it. In the 9th and 10th grade I thought i reached my breaking point. I had constant thoughts of suicdie and was absolutely miserable. Thats when cody came. He changed my life. Showed me how it could be better, made me trust people again. Now he is gone and all the feelings i had in 9th and 10th grade are rushing back. I don't know how to handle things. I am on the verge of a major mental and emotional breakdown. I head back to school monday...im not sure if I can handle it.:unsure:
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    You can talk to your school counselor or teacher about your feelings. It is difficult when you lose someone you love, especially when it is suicide. Remember all the things cody taught you. He would want you to work through your depressive feelings and do what he was unable to do. He helped to turn your life around. That was what he left you.Please take care and stay safe.
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    I am so sorry for your loss :( :hug:
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    there are people than can help you with the grieving hun, although i can understand having the one person that was your corner stone taken away from you can be a huge thing
    i'm sure no one will mind me saying, we are all here for in, we will do whatever is humanly possible to try help you
    i am sorry you have been left by this wonderful person
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    Could you carry on with what he helped you with, even though he is not there... he helped you this far, maybe you could carry on for him..

    Like Wheresmysheep said there are people who can help you with your loss, don't cope on your own hunni...

    I am always here if you wanna talk...

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    :hug: I am sorry for your loss. Feel free to PM me if you need someone x