claustrophobic highly realistic nightmares?

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by liam, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. liam

    liam Member

    At first I was sleeping. then I woke up in my room again pretty tired you know. I was to check the clock because I could hear my family downstairs and since I have this ED the rules about when and were I eat my meals are pretty strict, I'm not allowed to eat breakfast after 12 o'clock in the morning. I recall going to bed taking a nap early last night, I wonder if I've been sleeping the whole night because it seems to be morning?

    So I put my alarm clock in front of me with one eye still closed, but I can't see how much it is, and it doesn't lighten up even when I press the snooze button. Somehow I'm afraid to open up both of my eyes because I'm always afraid I'll see something like abnormal in my room, like some kind of ghost or whatever? I've had this fear ever since I was like 10 years old. (I'm currently 16).

    Then suddenly I get pulled down in my bed by an invisible force. I go blind and I can't move, I scream out but there is no sound, and this force is squeezing me violently. I've had similar dreams before and then it just got worse by fighting and trying to wake up so even if I'm all freaked out and breathes like crazy and stuff I just try to relax and hope that I sooner or later will wake up.

    Then a bunch of things happens, I can't really recall them all right now but it's constantly me racing against something, and constantly trying to accomplish things but I fail over and over again. At the same time I try to keep people I meet in the dream (my boyfriend for example) to not come near me and not touch me, because I don't want to get all lost in that claustrophobic squeezing feeling.

    Then I wake up getting my mind fairly clear, but I'm still freaked out and stuff. I notice the clock, and notice how long I've been dreaming. I try to tell my parents what happened and ask them to wake me up if they ever notice me being stuck in these dreams, but I just start hyperventilating every time I try or something gets in the way and interrupt, so they don't really get my point.

    Then everything happens over AGAIN. I freeze in the same spot and even if I'm fighting fiercely in my mind my body is still stuck. And glimpses of things I dreamt about happen again, I get freaked out by them and try to clear my dazzled mind, and try to tell my dad and mum but they're not listening, it's all useless.

    Finally I wake up in my room, it's evening and I recall that I went to bed for a nap about one and a half hour ago.
    I get out of my bed and now I'm here by my computer.

    It's not the first time I've dreamt these kind of dreams. And the thruth is, that they are creeping me out!
    Just like a week ago or something I was taking a nap in the sofa when I suddenly get stuck, I try to move and talk and scream but every thing is in slow motion, and I can't hear my voice, I panic and bang with my hands on the sofa but neither my hands nor arms are moving.. I try to get up, and finally I succeed, I try to walk away from the sofa but the force is constantly tugging at me, and all of a sudden I'm back again lying in the sofa. Finally I panic and scream at the top of my lungs to my brothers and my mum, hoping that they may hear some of my voice even if I can't hear it myself, and I hear them approaching me from upstairs and my mother rushing to the bathroom to get medication and I think "oh no I don't want medication"... (I'm not on any type of medication in real life, my psychiatrist prescribed some light medication for anxiety last year but I never used them, because I felt like my psychiatrists weren't taking me seriously during our talks and just stuffed my face with some pills to shut me up..).

    Then after a while the squeezing finally wears off, I realize that no one's home. I check the clock and it seems I've been dreaming this sick "dream" for 20 minutes. then I notice this mark on the side of my sofa (it's a bit soft so when you've been laying down for a while and then go up the sofa shapes after your body you know what I mean?). it's a print as big as my hand, where I was hitting the sofa in the dream.

    What does this mean? :( it's getting seriously scary...
  2. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    Hi Liam =)

    I'm curious about the part where you are pulled down to the bed or get frozen in dreams (I'm like the worst when it comes to not understand unless all the fine details are there, so Im apologizing in advance!).

    I share a lot of the same experiences as you talk about here (Im totally guility of sleeping with the light on it gets so bad).

    I would suggest seeing a doctor about these. I had very similar experiences where I was suddenly pulled into dreams & I ended up having epilepsy. Doesn't mean that's what you have but sometimes its good to get checked because you never know!
  3. liam

    liam Member

    Hi canadian_runner and thanks for your reply.

    It's not easy to describe that feeling in a fair way but I'll give it a try.
    It always happens very suddenly. It's an intense, flowing feeling of being dragged somewhere. It affects my whole body. At the same time, I almost can't move any of my body parts, and if I with a great amount of effort really succeed to move for example my arms, it all happens in slow motion. I start fighting to regain control over myself, to wake up, but it's useless. Sometimes I go blind, but also sometimes pictures get stuck on my eyes. These pictures are pictures of the room I'm in at the moment but from very odd angles, a corner of some furniture seen from below for example.

    As I said, it's very hard to explain. I hope you have a pretty fair picture of it now anyway..
    I looked up epilepsy and read a bit about it, but I can't find anywhere how it feels when you get it. Maybe I should go to a doctor and check just to be sure?
    (Besides I've never been pulled down in these dreams when I'm not currently sleeping, resting or just woke up.)

    Sorry for my bad english I just woke up..
  4. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    Dont worry at 3am my spelling will be probably hard to read as well :lol!:

    I would see about getting in to see a neurologist. I'm not a doctor but those sound like complex partial or absense seizures but I could be wrong. Its the being dragged and seeing your bedroom at different angles I can relate to.

    Do you get any sensations or anything at all before these happen??
  5. liam

    liam Member

    Allright I'm probably going to check with my parents and a doctor soon.
    No I never get any sensations before the "attacks". They always happen very suddenly, I can never tell when it's gonna happen.

    Thank you for helping me out though :) otherwise I would never even have thought of epilepsy.
  6. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    No problem :smile:

    Yeah, the warnings you would get before the attacks would be auras, which not everyone with epilepsy gets. Its easy for doctors to by pass the diagnosis possibility of epilepsy....the first diagnosis I got was it was the flu, & months later they found it was epilepsy. Soooo its good to get checked!
  7. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    My old friend use to have those.
    Her mom said that they're called night terrors,
    I don't know exactly what causes them, but reading what's
    happening to you I think that you're going through the same thing.

    I agree that you should try going to a neurologist.
    They could help better tell you what's happening.
    I know that being 16, you're parents really don't trust what you're saying, well, not they don't trust you necessarily, they don't believe you [I'm 15, going through somewhat of the same thing].
    If you tell them that you honestly think that there's something going on that's disrupting your sleep, then maybe they'll take you to one.

    If you want your parents to look out for any signs of this, instead of going to a neurologist, here's how they can tell:
    How it's most commonly treated:
    Even if this isn't your problem, it's nice to know just in case.
    I think that some of these things relate to what you're experiancing.
  8. liam

    liam Member

    So I told my parents about these seizures and asked them to contact a doctor.
    And at first they actually seemed a bit understanding - well, at least supporting - but that only lasted a couple of days. Apparantly, they have changed their points of views now. They seem convinced that we should take contact with some kind of psychologist.
    My mum was like, "I checked with some people I know that have been working at hospitals etc and they said that we should be careful to go to BUP (teenage and child psychologists) straight away, because they might be interested in putting you on meds too fast."
    And I answered, "why would we go there? and why would they put me on meds too fast? I told you to contact a doctor. and I want a doctor that has nothing to do with BUP (since they are totally worthless at what they do)."
    and she said, "well I haven't contacted any doctors yet.."

    and my dad asks questions like, "do you hear voices during these seizures?" I was like "err NO? lol". and he also asked if I have taken any drugs but I haven't.

    so now it seems I have to contact the doctors myself without my parents' help. fine.
  9. monay

    monay New Member

    As they said, it's very hard to explain. I hope you have a pretty fair picture of it now anyway..
    I looked up epilepsy and read a bit about it, but I can't find anywhere how it feels when you get it. Maybe I should go to a doctor and check just to be sure?
    (Besides I've never been pulled down in these dreams when I'm not currently sleeping, resting or just woke up.)


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