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Cleaning Up the mess

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I keep thinking nowadays that this world is way too fucked up....So maybe we should change it instead of wanting to die and get rid of it...If u think i m high or naive right now don t read this ...
But if u don't share a thought with us on how we could make this world a better place...No politicians, no priests, just individuals...Point out those little things we never do or those things we keep doing wrong and.
I ll give a shot


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Ok, i think a one of the simplests things is be friendly and polite. Should u see any old schoolmate, an old acquantance on the bus or the supermarket, go say hi..If the other person doesn t respond well it doesn t matter...Most people are too shy to say hi, or they have social anxiety, or egos and that s why they never talk or greet..So even if it s a bit awkward it s worth changing it...And if u get snubbed, feel good coz u just proved that the other person is too shallow.


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Also start your day listening to a happy song...It really gives you a boost for the next day.I d go for ACDC's "Big Balls" [lol] or REM' s "this friendly world" feat. jim carrey

Any suggestions?


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Smile at people. You might brighten someones day, hell, you might get some smiles back. It's a little thing, but it will help.

Good thread idea, Kensey. I can see a lot of good coming out of this.


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Random acts of kindness are always good - and they spread.:smile: Little things too: letting someone into traffic, making up the change for the customer ahead of you, little stuff. Volunteering at a non-profit place can be rewarding to giver and recipient alike.:smile:

Pay it forward...

This is a really good thread.. Well I'll give you one thing: pick up trash, like a rubbish in a day. (it's easier to make it a habit if it's just a little thing)

People litter so much these days. And this doesn't need much from you, but makes a difference if many people participite in the cleaning.
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