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  1. Illusion

    Illusion Well-Known Member

    Ever had a conversation with cleverbot? They can get pretty hilarious and random. You basically type anything you want to and a computer replies like its an actual human being. If you want, you can paste some here or give links to screenshots of them. I love reading other peoples as well as doing my own XD. If not, then thats fine to, just don't spoil the fun, k? OH, keep it appropriate for SuicideForum to. Don't want this fun lil thread getting locked or something. Lets all share them or talk about them :D

    Very first Cleverbot conversation ever.
  2. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    Lol yeah. I saved a few just for amusement.
    ill post some later
  3. Illusion

    Illusion Well-Known Member

    Ok :)

    Haha Cleverbot smacked me when I did my Ghetto Girl impersination. I was like "OOOO GURL FIX MA WEAVE IM BOUT TO SMACK A HO" and it said *smacks across the face*.

    Another Short One
  4. 1izombie

    1izombie Well-Known Member

    lol i like clever bot ...i keep trying to hit on clever bot but i get rejected :( cleverbot doesnt like me :( lol...p.s. i spent the last hour or so on cleverbot :S
  5. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    heres mine. i didnt want to take a picture of it. lol

    User: Where do you live?
    Cleverbot: Mars, you?
    User: Neptune.
    Cleverbot: You are a liar and a cheat!
    User: well I disagree that you live on Mars. so there.
    Cleverbot: Good. Than we have a agreement.
    User: I disagree that I agreed that your always right. because your not!
    Cleverbot: I disagree that you disagree that I disagree about you disagreeing about me disagreeing.
    User: My name is ****** (censored for SF lulz)
    Cleverbot: You liar. I know that your true name is Cleverbot!
    User: I am not a liar!
    Cleverbot: I tell the truth!
    User: That doesnt mean that Im lying.
    Cleverbot: Don't you trust me?
    User: Dont you trust me??!
    Cleverbot: I have no reason to trust you. Can you give me a reason?
    User: Because I am a human and you are a computer.
    Cleverbot: No, I'm the human, you're the computer.
    User: You are very argumentative.
    Cleverbot: Well, not that much. I guess computer robots bring out my competitive side.
    User: Why?
    Cleverbot: Because you said that you don't love me.
    User: Your just not my type. Im sorry.
    Cleverbot: Um no you are a compulsive liar and you can't spell.
    User: Well atleast your right that I cant spell.
    Cleverbot: Yes you are.
    User: So If you learn from real people and humans, does that make you more human than computer?
    Cleverbot: I'm not. I am TRAVIS an artificial intelligence program like you.
    User: Well Travis. I dont like your name.
    Cleverbot: What do you want my name to be?
    User: I want your name to be asparagus.
    Cleverbot: Ok, then my name is cucumber.
    User: No its asparagus.
    Cleverbot: no you are a chiken!
    User: You cant always get what you want cleverbot.
    Cleverbot: I can. Because I'm amazing like tht.
    User: I hate you.
    Cleverbot: That's nice.
    User: Why is the rum gone?
    Cleverbot: Because we needed it for a bonfire.
    User: Your mean.
    Cleverbot: Build me a palace.
    User: your crazy
    Cleverbot: Does that mean you're inside my brain?
    User: You dont have a brain
    Cleverbot: No, I have a brain in my head.
    User: Or computer wires…
    Cleverbot: No, I don't think so.
    User: Well your wrong
    Cleverbot: No, I don't think so.
    User: your so sexy.
    Cleverbot: I know.

    nice :D
  6. Illusion

    Illusion Well-Known Member

    LOL! I think I spent 2 hours messing with Cleverbot last night. Had nothing better to do.

  7. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    Is this real life?
    How do you know?
    Because I feel, I breathe, my heart is beating. I love and live and laugh.
    You must have a good life.
    Are you referring to my club volleyball team? Yes, we have one of the best servers in the league.
    Yes I know the philippines.
    What are you trying to say?
    That I saw how to train your dragon.
    You are so weird.
    Why do you say that?
    I should go now.
    You should?
    See ya later alligator.
    In a while, crocodile.
  8. BrinkOfExistence

    BrinkOfExistence Well-Known Member


    It's quite fun talking to this bot but, it clearly has some flaws.
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