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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by make_me_bad, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. make_me_bad

    make_me_bad Well-Known Member

    I am sick and tired of girls leaving me because I'm "clingy". Of course I am, everyone I've ever had has left me. It's to be expected now. I have no other sources of comfort, but God fucking forbid I should come to rely on a girl, what a tragedy. Why is it so much more desirable to be ignored and used than to be needed? God damn it.

    I have nothing, how can I pretend I don't need you?

    It's not fair.

    I'm fucking sick of girls telling me how much they care about me and want to be there for me, of them telling me how interested they are in me and how attractive I am, of hearing what a meaningful relationship we're going to have. It's all bullshit. Every single girl I've ever been with has been a shallow **** that was interested in me for my looks and showered me with affection for NOTHING beside the fact that they like how I look and they find the fact that I pushed them away at first to be attractive. It's nothing but a setup to drive the pain in deeper when they dump me for opening up to them. I hate it, I hate them all. I'm tired.
  2. Hallo. :smile:
    I was just passing through. If you don't mind me asking, why do you think that the girls leaving has anything to do with your opening up to them?
  3. make_me_bad

    make_me_bad Well-Known Member

    They only like me up until that point. Everything's all tulips and daisies until I feel comfortable enough to be myself and they find out I'm suicidal, then it's time to run away. The last one didn't even say anything. She just stopped talking to me.
  4. NoRegrets

    NoRegrets Well-Known Member

    make_me_bad, I have the same problem..
  5. make_me_bad

    make_me_bad Well-Known Member

    Then I am deeply sorry for you.
  6. Hallo, NoRegrets. :smile:

    make_me_bad, it seems like alot of people just don't know how to react in a situation where they feel uncomfortable.
    Can you recall any good memories about anyone special in your life?
  7. make_me_bad

    make_me_bad Well-Known Member

    As far as relationships go, all I can remember is pain. I have good memories of people that I've adopted as father figures, but those good feelings are masked by the hurt that I feel because they were just gone one day.
  8. Was there ever a time that you can recall being the happiest moment of your life? If I ask too many questions just let me know and I'll back off. I'm just interested in what you might have to say, kind of helps me to understand what you are going through.
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