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  1. MoAnamCara

    MoAnamCara SF Artist


    It can be removed at any time--
    I know what it hides.
    Things that you did
    Which you think I’ve forgotten.
    False concern
    That feeds your needs.
    Conceited friendship
    You end once you have what you want.
    The artificial concern
    Which is paid for.

    And for others—
    Perhaps you could put one on.
    Pretend that you care
    So I’ll feel less alone.
    Call some day
    So that I can think you understand.
    Feign your nonexistent love
    So I feel as if I do belong.

    Ultimately, my life and my choices--
    Perhaps I need to remove mine first
    Before expecting others to follow suit?
    Perhaps without mine
    Others would truly understand.
    I fail others, I fail myself
    Perhaps this time I can succeed at something.
  2. LunaShadow

    LunaShadow Active Member's been a while since I've read other's poetry, and forgot how beautiful it can be, how much you can learn.

    Thank you, this made me think, and hope you keep on writing. :)
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