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    Just a little wisdom I've picked up on my travels. Not all are serious. Feel free to add your own! Please try to keep this light-hearted, though, I want people to feel inspired and to have some fun with this.

    1.) Forrest Gump said that you could tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wore. That's bullshit. Look at their socks.

    2.) The best way to find out about somebody or something is to shut up and listen to the environment and the conversation around you.

    3.) The wisest people I've ever met? Taxi drivers.

    4.) If you want to find out the truth about a group of people or a culture at large, watch how they treat their homeless.

    5.) If you ever get that creepy feeling where your hair stands on end, never assume that you're just being paranoid. There's a reason you're uncomfortable. Fucking RUN.

    6.) If your peer group seems to be incredbly stupid and immature, there's nothing quite like looking at Youtube user comments to put things back into perspective.

    7.) Set your standards high, because there's always somebody out there with much lower standards than yours.

    8.) Great men such as George Washington made history because they had a mixture of luck, fitness, dash, intelligence, and initiative. But do YOU want to go down in the history books as killing people in their sleep on Christmas?

    9.) Everything you hold sacred, somebody else will invaribly mock or ruin.

    10.) Nearly everything in life can be haggled or negotiated.

    All right! Your turn!
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    I've always liked the saying: never take things seriously, and learn to laugh at yourself... : )
  3. Little_me

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