Clonozipam aka klonopin

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by VALIS, Jun 2, 2007.

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    What do doctors look for when prescribing this?
    More importantly, what should I tell my doctor to get him to prescribe this for me?
    I am wary of asking my (very competent) psychiatrist to prescribe clonozipam, although I've had it prescribed by a different doctor some years back.
    the reason I want to phrase my request to him carefully is that I know doctors fear the patient will become dependent/addicted to klonopin...but it works so well for my anxiety. It makes it so much easier to walk around in large groups of sweaty palms or anything. If I say I have social anxiety and get nervous with lots of people around, and school anxiety, will my doctor see that as justification for giving me klonopin?
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    The doc probably won't prescribe it just because you complain about social anxiety.

    To be honest, the best way to get it is just straight up ask for it. Tell him you've tried it before, it works for you, and you accept the responsibilities of the drug and will control your usage.

    Then again, my psychiatrist has always given me whatever I ask for. He's maybe not the most responsible guy, but at least we get along well. ;p
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    my pdoc just gave it to me without asking. for sleep/flip outs. i don't use it that much, but it doesn't seem to make me feel any different than i do when i take valium.

    probably the best thing to do is just straight up talk to your shrink honestly. if you know it works well for you, there's no reason why they shouldn't be willing to prescribe it unless a) you have a history of drug abuse b) you have one of those super-paranoid docs that would like everyone sedated on something *safe* instead of really trying to help them deal with their underlying conditions.
  4. They(pros) say that this drug clonazepam is stronger than ativan & lasts longer as well. However ativan is more dangerous. I've been to the hospital from a clonazepam OD, & when I came to I complained of a headache, & they thought I looked too nervous as well(I'm always that). They gave me ativan & morphine. I was there for an OD mind you......clonazepam ain't shit, apparently.
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    Agreed. Asking for meds is the best way to get them, especially since they have worked so well for you in the past (which you should definitely point out). That's why they have all those stupid commercials saying "Ask your doctor about taking (insert drug of choice here)". It works! :) Good luck!