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    How many close friends do you have in your life? My life has been relatively complex. My father moved us when he would change his business pursuits almost ever 2-3 years. I've lived in more locations and states from infancy to the age of 25 than most people probably do in two lifetimes.

    During these moves I've encountered all sorts of people. I will leave my childhood out rather and focus on when I was a teenager in highschool. From age 16-17 my life was great. I had built a strong social network. Girls were interested in me etc. During this time my father went psycho and forced me out of the house and to move with a relative out of state (the person was an alcoholic and total scum). I was never able to graduate highschool and have struggled on my own ever since.

    I have no close friends. I haven't had a close friend since I was 17 years old. I had a person who I would talk with online but my interests are much more different than his now. He's an extremist liberal type and I'm more or less a cynic. I can't be concerned about the plight of certain elements of humanity or veganism etc when my life is in such shambles, so I said offensive comments towards him and he no longer speaks to me. I am OK with this really since I have come to detest his lifestyle.

    I'm now left with no one to talk too anymore though. I don't even know how to make connections with people anymore and it seems that when I try, people don't care and don't have any interest in me what so ever.

    I mentioned this in another thread someone made but the people who I considered my closest friends left me when I was facing bad conditions in my life (medical problems and eventual homelessness) they stopped associating with me entirely. Even my family did so and my younger brother uses my medical ailments as a way to insult me and make me feel bad about myself.

    I've cut out my mother and younger brother entirely from my life and would do the same with my father if I had some place else to live (I've been living with my dad the last 1 1/2 years) Really I am ok living alone with nobody because most people are scum. I don't think it's possible to find a true friend anymore.
  2. Even though I can't relate to you on the part about having a bad family, I understand what you mean by not having not close friends. It seems like that ever since coming to college I'm the one that no one talks to that no one cares about and I can't go home because college is 1,067 miles away from home. It also seems that all the friends I had in highschool found new best friends and I feel like I'm utterly rejected by humanity. But even though I felt that way, it was very helpful for me to channel my sadness somewhere not so destructive Like writing and drawing and going to church. Perhaps a hobby will help or finding some activities organization with a good cause, (though it's not effective for everyone) or if you just need somoene to listen, the people here seem to be very supportive. Feel free to message me anytime, I usually don't get to the computer that as often in the summer but I do try to keep up every week.