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Close to doing it

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Hi. For the past year or so my depression has gradually become worse to the point that I'm getting suicidal every day. It used to be just once in a while but for the past 2-3 months it's been every day. I spoke to a friend about it and she told me not to dare doing it, but it hurts so much. I went to a psychiatrist last august and he told me I wasn't depressed and was just getting worked up over nothing. But I don't think that's true. My dad doesn't believe me either and my mum is in a different country. I can't eat and I can't sleep, and that's making it worse.

I don't really know why I'm posting this. I think I'm looking to be stopped. I don't know.
Hi there. I deal with a similar situation but over two or three years. I am very sorry that you have to deal with depression. I understand it hurts, it hurts like nothing else could. It hurts everywhere and all the time... You get sore, you can't sleep, food doesn't sound appatizing... I get it. The fact that your psychiatrist said that you are just getting worked up over stuff is bull crap. I think you need to see another psychiatrist. You happened to stumble accross a bad one. :dry: I am terribly sorry about that. Try talking to an online psychiatrist if your father does not not belive you. For the longest time, my mother didn't believe me. I finally got her to after emails upon emails with different therapists and psychologists. Depression is a very hard topic for some parents to deal with.
I hope you have a better day tomorrow and don't let suicidal thoughts ruin your entire day.
^ agree

yeah, I don't think you saw a good psychiatrist. seeing a new one sounds like a good idea.

you can visit www.befrienders.org for a list of suicide hotlines

I bet that with treatment you can get a lot better
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