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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Numbandhelpless, Jun 7, 2015.

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  1. I have had so many little things happen to me over my life and I just can't cope with it anymore. My whole life has been turned upside down losing my job and my gf in one week, I have several panic attacks a night and I can eat or sleep I want to just end it all to stop this pain I feel every single day I can't take anymore
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    Hi, could you tell us what things have happened on top of the last week? You have had an awful week :( I'm really sorry. May I ask what happened at work? and also between you and your girlfriend? Do you see anyone professionally for the panic attacks you are having? If not, you should think about doing so. Try eating a little bit at a time, just some small foods, it will help bring your appetite back. Have you always had issues with sleep? Stay here and talk to us, we'll help you through this :hug:
  3. I have always had anxiety but it's fairly under control until something happens which reminds me that I can't deal with things. My gf left me 3 days ago after a rough couple of weeks- I never thought it would come to the end and we had planned to buy somewhere and start a family next year and now it's all gone. I'm very alone where I live I don't have any family and only one friend who has her own life an issues. I also walked out of my job the day me and my gf split up as my boss had been such a bully the last few weeks which had contributed to why me and my gf had a rough patch. I can't see a future for me at all anymore and I so desperately want out
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    Hi there, I am so sorry for what has happened in these last few weeks and your girlfriend leaving you :( I would encourage you to see a professional to help you deal with this stress and to help you cope with the panic attacks. No one has to suffer alone and in silence! Please get help and life will seem that bit easier. Talking here is also good for you, lets all the bad thoughts out of your mind!! :hugs:
  5. I've tried to get help before but the waiting lists are weeks and weeks long and by then it will be too late :( I've tried to keep busy but I'm so alone and as soon as I leave the house I have an attack it would be so much easier if I jus wasn't here
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    If you make them (the care providers) aware of how strong your suicidal thoughts are they may be able to prioritize and move you up on the list.
    Alternatively you could go private if you can spare the cash, I have had to do that with psychotherapy and it has worked really well.
    Other than that you could just stick with your doctor and see what they can offer you medicine wise to help you cope until you can see a therapist.
    Either way I wish you the best of luck, you don't deserve this.
    Do you have any friends you can talk to?
  7. Every time I've been to the doctors they jus try n force tablets down my throat which had horrible side effects on me... I must have tried every anti depressant going. I don't have any extra cash as I don't have a job at the moment, first time in 10 years it's how I know it's at the worst time for me :( my ex hates me and she is the only one I want to be around as she knows me the best. I have lost my friends over the years and now I only have one but I can't burden her she has her own issues. I haven't left my house in days and I just want this feeling to go away. I don't see a future whatsoever
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    I'm sorry you have had a bad reaction to medications. But there are many different groups of medicines you could try. It took me 7 years to find the right combination.
    I have had trouble leaving the house on days too but it has become a lot better recently, try and get out even if only for a 15 minute walk, it will make you feel a bit better.
    If there's anything I can do for you let me know. About your sure as a friend she would want to know if you are feeling like this, try and open up a little.
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