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This place was there for me in 2005 when my world fell apart, it wasnt over one thing it was like the main brick that once removed bought down the whole structure.
Ive started to loose the plot. loose the fight. ive been so stupid, so open that i let something deep inside me, a hurt, a pain, an emptiness so great its happening again.
i started.
i took xxxxxxx- then i stopped. im crashing so hard
i want to be here, i dont want pity, i dont want empty empathy
i just need understanding, the sort of care that wouldnt tear you apart inside if it was removed.
ive two choices
finish the job
never open again
die as me or live as another
how do you make a choice like that?
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Is there a way to talk to someone about what has gotten you to this place so that you can process it and find some perspective? I have found it quite helpful because I seem to paint myself into a corner in these situations...please let me know if I can PM box is always open...big hugs and hoping you find your way back real soon...J


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More and more these days when confronted with the choice to become someone else, I choose that path. Because who I am is not happy. Who I Am is depressed suicidal and sexually frustrated. If I keep down this path I may not change. However, if I change there is a chance I will learn something new. A chance I will find an answer to another question. A chance I will be happy. In the end I have so little to lose, but so much to gain.

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change is always good okay like said you are not happy where you are so get outside that box and try something different who know you may love the person you come hugs
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