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Meager possibilities of a reasonable future have all closed up. The only possible chance I have of saving the house (at least for a few years) and providing security for my long suffering wife is by killing myself. The insurance money will at least help, and hopefully actually provide perpetually for my long suffering wife and family. I have screwed up a lifetime. This is my one chance for redemption. I hope I do not screw this up. It is well thought out and planned and should succeed.
I think you're wife would much rather have you around and in financial difficulty than not have you at all.

You say there is no possiblity of a reasonably future, but everybody's circumstances can change, and will change if you put you're mind to it. There is no easy way out, and you're family will suffer greatly if you decided to go through with you're plan.

Please think things over. Things will get better and there is always a way out of every sticky situation, so hang in there pal

Best of luck


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I lost my house when my partner sold it out from under me :dry:
Ok it's a shock, but its one that can be weathered.
Losing a loved one to suicide is not something easily got over.


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Melima, I'm sorry you're feeling so down and as though suicide is an option. It's not the best one out there. I'm sure that your family would rather have you alive than dead. :hug:

If you want, send me a PM and tell me about what is happening that has made you feel so hopeless.
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