Cloud Watching (A poem by Wind)

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  1. Randomlei_me

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    Lit the Sage,
    Watched the smoke go by,
    Grounded and Centered,
    Looked up at the sky.

    Chanted a prayer,
    Resisted the fight,
    Re-opened my eyes,
    Clouds took flight.

    I see Eagle,
    I see Bear,
    I see Horse,
    Way over there.

    I see Snake,
    Raven – bees,
    All have come,
    To help set me free.

    As they move closer,
    I see a battle of wills,
    One was of good,
    The other anger filled.

    I rubbed my eyes,
    Blinked to see,
    If what I seen,
    Was by only me.

    The clouds told a story,
    Of trauma and shock,
    A journey not traveled,
    Of a path not walked.

    To search the soul,
    Battle the Bear within,
    Allow Spirit to emerge,
    Let the peace finally win.

    Stepping from the crossroads,
    No time to turn around,
    Wind songs filled my ears,
    Filled my soul with sound.

    © 2011 Wind Songs Spiritual Poetry
  2. may71

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    this is nice!
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