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  1. CloudKill

    CloudKill New Member

    I know you guys got words, and things to say.. And I wanna read them, and I wanna know what they are.. So I'm gonna share my words, and thoughts with you..

    'The Fear Heads Home'

    So yeah, Here I am
    But who the hell cares?
    I'm livin my life in fear
    While the rest of the world
    Is livin theirs without care
    Which I should be doing the same
    But the fear lives here
    And my home is here

    The fear heads home
    From where it has been
    So very long ago
    It makes me wonder
    If it even left at all
    Have I fooled myself?
    Have I mistakened?

    Was it there all along?
    Watching me get up
    From my falls
    Was it there all along?
    Watching my flesh tear and bleed
    As I crawl

    It's a harsh reality
    But I suspect
    You already know that
    And it's no wonder why
    I don't want to live in it

    We're all some what twisted
    Some even more than others
    It's all about the sinistry
    And bathing in our misery
    My happy ending wont be coming true
    So I'm standing down
    I salute you
    I salute you
    I salute you
  2. CloudKill

    CloudKill New Member

    'Death Is Love'

    The red grass blows in the wind
    A tainted seed I've planted in the sand
    Nourished with hate and I hope it grows
    Only then will I have the devils right hand
    And a brand new attitude
    I'm strung out over you
    Love was never meant to be
    A walk in the park
    Now what should I do?
    My air supply is low

    I have the seven deadly sins
    Burned into my flesh
    And I wouldn't settle for less
    You've cut my heart out
    Stood there
    And watched as I bled
    I have no more tears to shed
    I have arsenic running through my veins
    But I don't have time for that
    And my eyes are stained

    Death is love
    I'm stoned and high on a trip
    I thought I would be alone
    Love is such an crazy affair
    With shattered trust
    And brokened ribs
    Hell is a better place for you
    For me
    Now what do I say?
    Except those with a sixth sense
    Are never alone in this life
  3. CloudKill

    CloudKill New Member

    'Rising Up Again'

    The world sends out
    Daggers and spears
    Illusions we've yet to understand
    Thoughts and words so fierce
    Like chaos and fury
    That even the dullest could pierce
    Nothing is what it is
    And nothing is how it use to be

    It's almost hard to believe
    That I'm still here
    From where I've been
    The fire burnt out
    From the ashes
    I'm rising up again
    I'm rising up again

    Out of the smoke
    And into the clear air
    Decisons can be hard to make
    When you're trusting
    Everything that you fear
    The hunger for life always leaves you never full
    But the desire to want to live it
    Leaves you bare

    There are ways to live
    There are ways to die
    There's no point in looking
    For what's already empty on the inside
    We almost always
    Seem to choose what's harder
    And I don't know why

    I'm fathoming over my reflection
    In a shattered mirror
    From an long awaited stare
    Every life line I've overturned
    Left me standing at a crossroad
    With too many ways to go
    And no home
    No home
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