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    I'm not sure I can quite believe what's just happened.

    I've been in bed since Sat evening, alternating between hysterical and asleep, planning, researching, justifying... This morning I didn't go to work but about am hour ago I realised it's now a week day and therefore. The mental health team is available.

    My CPN is off today, so I asked for the duty nurse, who is called David (mod edit - last name) apparently (am I allowed to name and shame?), he spoke to me for 7 minutes. I told him I've been planning and researching and that I'm all on my own, although I haven't hurt myself yet. He asked me no further clinical questions. He has no way of knowing how safe I am, or not. He asked me about what was going on and then he hung up on me.

    There is absolutely no way I have misinterpreted or that we got cut off accidentally. His last sentence to me was:

    "well hopefully things will be better when he gets home from work so I will tell [my regular CPN] and you maybe have a shower and take care okay byebye" *click*
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    Hi, please stay around. That was very much unprofessional treatment for a professional. I know YOU are hurting but what causing this emotional distress.

    You are a deserving person and please keep talking to others. Use the chat room now and talk to others. Please surround yourself with people for the day so you are not isolated. Isolation will only cause you more unnecessary stress.

    Personally, if you report this person, get will deny all knowledge unless the telephone conversation is recorded. If this happens, then it will cause you more stress which is not required at this vunberable moment. YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

    Speak to the regular person when they are on duty and if need help, seek it straight away. We will try our best help you to get through today but please keep posting here.
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    HIS failure is not indicative of YOUR worth. I am so sorry that you had such a crummy interaction at such a hard time.

    Please know you are irreplaceable and valuable. I am new here, but see you are not. Those words you write to people you have not met save their lives. A kind word in a hard time is priceless. When we don't see or "know" each other in person, it can be easier to think you don't make a difference or it is not enough. But I sense that your presence and words have made an enormous difference and your future words will too. You matter. You are worth so much. Wishing you much goodness.
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    I am so sorry to hear that in your moment of pain, you reached out and met someone so cold and heartless :(
    I had something similar happen with my own care-coordinator when I told her I had a plan, she asked me a couple of questions including 'well what do u want me to do?' It's a hard knock's been 25 days since that day and she has yet to phone up and ask how I am doing....I have gone to my GP who is far more caring.....
    I feel your pain :( I really hope that the person gets spoken to and you get the help, care and understanding you need and should have got from the beginning.
    Hoping things improve dramatically. Take care hugs x