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    What is worse, being lonely, or putting yourself out there, only to be rejected??? To be honest, I'm becoming very scared. It honestly seems like each and every day my life is becoming a stronger and stronger cocktail of being lonely and being rejected. I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried talking to friends about this, it hasn't really helped much. It seems like they all say the same thing, and I'm beginning to believe the same thing has to be bullshit. What does it mean to settle really? Does it mean you have to lower your standards and find someone that will really love you, but you can't physically or emotionally be %100 with them because you decided to "settle"? Or can settling be considered settling if you do find that one person that you think is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen, and become a committed friend and lover? It seems to me that the latter part of that is becoming more and more impossible. I would give it a 6% maybe 7% chance. What the fuck does it take seriously??!?!?!! A good heart??? Cause I have that. A pretty face?? I'm not that bad looking lol. A sexy body?? I do stay in above average shape. Luck?????? I don't know anymore. Maybe some people are just destined to be alone. Like my mother I guess. And now it's my turn. Or am I a douche bag because I refuse to settle for anything less than a girl that makes me say "oh my god she's so beautiful", and a girl that I can actually talk to??? I could lower my standards and find a gf, I've had the chances, but to be in a relationship with someone I can't go all out with turns me into a fucking asshole, so I refuse to lower my standards and become an undedicated jerk. It wouldn't be fair to them and their feelings. It seems like I really have only 3 options, 1. Be a douche bag. 2. Be an asshole. or 3. Be lonely. Fuck I don't see any other options honestly........I have to be missing something
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    rejection sucks. I myself am still trying to find a girl but it seems that you have the confidence to keep trying. my best advice is that you just keep networking through friends and work.
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    Maybe not make a major decision about a person in the first 5 minutes?

    Not saying that's what you are doing, but lets be honest, the first thing we do is see; what we see either attracts or repels.
    Trouble with that is, its all well and good liking the look of someone, but what happens when everytime they open their mouths its vapid gas?
    The relationships I've had (and yes I'm older than grit) that worked and were good, were the ones that started out as friends.
    It's weird, one day its like a light bulb goes off and you realise that this is the person you want to spend your life with.
    That said, there's no guarantee that it will last, but thats part and parcel of the wonderful world of love.