c'mon... can I get a break?

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    So more crap came up with my fiance tonight in which she lied to my face about going out tonight which she did but denies it... but I'll get to that later... I was freaking threatened at work! The forklift guy that I got into with a while back because of all the bad stuff he was doing and I yelled at him for actually has been starting stuff up again about that night. And now he gave another employee a note that says.. "If I have an accident at work I give (insert name here) permission to hold on to my belongings until a family member can come retrieve them. signed, Jerkface Forklift driver

    and my favorite hockey team lost game 1 of the playoffs!!! Can it get any worse? I mean seriously...
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    I am sorry you're so frustrated. Honestly, I haven't a clue what else to say, just didn't want to leave without saying anything. Thought it might make you feel at least a tad better knowing that there's someone out there reading what you have to say and offering you more of a listening ear. Sending cyber hugs your way if you'll have them :hug: :hug:

    PM if you ever want to talk in private.