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Cmon people

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by rainycity, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. rainycity

    rainycity New Member

    Ok I just have to say - I am sitting here wallowing in my own misery and i finally decided to see what is out there for help. I am surrounded by egotistical arrogant people every day and seriously think that some of the kindest people most selfless people may be right here on this site.

    I find it interesting that when you sign up, immediately you are given the option to have a 'quick escape' button to continue to hide that you are suffering. I am amazed. What I am struggling with right now is that I have been using that quick escape button for over 30 years. Now don't get me wrong, but are we not all suffering alone? Are we not all feeling that there is no one to help? Are we not all feeling shameful and hiding our secrets? The key word in this is ALL and that means the thousands of people that I am seeing are using this site. Not one lonely person, alone, but thousands! I have been struggling with suicidal thoughts and behaviour since was 10 when I first slashed my wrists with a razor blade (22 years ago) and have only expressed these feelings to anyone this past year and more specifically these past 5 minutes. I am absolutely amazed at the secrecy of this whole thing. I don't have a point to really make here, but this kind of amazes me to see the extent of this secrecy and the fact that people are all suffering alone! If there are so many of us that feel this way, how can we not know another? Is it because we are not talking about it? Is it embarassing? is it embarrasing to have a tumour? A broken leg? A broken down car? Who decided that I should suffer alone and that someone who has an ear infection should get a hallmark card? Who is this long-lost man? Maybe one of the major problems we are facing is isolation and shame over a medical probelm that is treatable and can be discussed, maybe the problem is that there has been placed such a fear around the topic of mental disorders because we don't understand it, that it is making the problem worse. Now think about it - if anyone you know who had an infection or sickness that lasted decades and THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED to mention it in to ANYONE (friends, family, people on the bus) in case they lost their job or friends, but suffered from it nonetheless, wouldn't they drop into a pit of self-despair? How is this any different? Why is it considered so shameful and why is everyone so afraid to help? I think that in the future, there may be some changes and others may not suffer so secretly and others may not succomb to the shame and depression, but for right now all I ask is that you think about it, and see the possibility that through a different coloured set of glasses it may not be so unmanageable (this from a woman with a bottle of sleeping pills and pile of beers) you may choose to ignore me at your leisure:)
  2. Space Villain

    Space Villain Member

    I think you have a good point, but remember that discovering a close friend or family member's suicidal is very painful, so people often choose who to tell and who not to tell based on the feelings of others. Also, yes, there is a stigma attached to it, so it's best not to announce to the entire world that you want to die/tried to kill yourself :). It's not normal to feel suicidal, and it's a difficult concept for anyone to understand that hasn't been there.

    I'm sorry that you feel you can't speak to any friends, family members, etc. about how you feel for all the reasons you listed. Luckily, there are counsellors on help lines and nurses and psychiatrists in the ER that will be happy to speak to you about your problems, and they won't judge you either! You'll get support from people here, but I think you should look to help from the professionals too :).
  3. kuika

    kuika Active Member

    what i gleaned from the first post is that the underlying condition that leads to suicide (depression, bi-polar, etc, etc) can be treated and its the silence over that is the cause of suffering. If people could say "hey, i have depression, or OCD, or whatever, and its making it hard for me to cope" the world would be much better off.

    I can say to anyone," hey look, ive broken my arm, i need a little help here opening the door". and almost anyone would understand and help. We need to be able to say " look my ability to cope is not up to what im facing, i need a little help" and get the same response from people.

    I could be wrong, but i dont think anyone decides one day out of the blue "I want to die" its usually a long process of events either life or internal biochemical that bring us to that road.

    Kuika :Leiaha:
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I think today things are changing more education abt mental illness less stigma STill aways to go though. There was so much hushed up back in my days no one ever spoke about what went on behind their own doors but now things are changing. Time to reach out and get the help for yourself speak up as their are ways to heal now new meds new therapy their is treatment now for mental illness so instead of getting overwhelmed with dispair please try to get help foryourself reach out to crisis team and get help you deserve.
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