Co Codamol over self harm?

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  1. Not sure where this post should be but hey.

    I stopped self harming a year ago but more than often still need something to take the emotional pain away. A few months back I slipped on ice and damaged my back, I was prescribed co codamol (30/500mg) and diclaphenic. The co codamol really knocked me about for a while but I dealt with the sickness, and when that subsided I noticed how drowsy the tablets made me. I was generally asleep within 30 minutes of taking them, which I saw as a blessing.

    I got over the injury within 2 weeks, but kept taking the co codamol in the night, it helps me sleep.

    I only take 2-4 tablets in a night, which is why I can't see why this could be dangerous because it is a small dose. I am worried that I may develop an addiction though but can't stop because they numb the pain like cutting did and send me to sleep.

    Advice? xx
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    i'm really sorry to say, you'll already be addicted. i had the same sort of thing with Tramadol about a month ago. i would say probably get yourself a new hobby. distract yourself or at least tire yourself out. it may help.

    if you ever want to talk, you can pm
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