'Coca - Cola' addictive

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I was addicted to coca-cola for many years until I gave up before christmas 2010 and I've not touched it since but I'm feeling the difference because I'm craving orange juice and chocolate really bad at the moment but the downside is my depression is much worst and the lack of sugar intake is killing me. I've not been tempted to resort back to drinking that vile stuff but I never felt like killing myself on the back of my personal problems and family life.

Here in England most of the soft drinks on sale seem to be owned by the Coca-Cola brand and they've even brought into water and fresh juices market so everytime I drink these I'm reminded of my difficult past with cola. I won't be giving in because I was getting major tooth ache but my god does the smell of Dr Pepper and Cherry coke taste good?!!!

Recently joined a gym to lose the weight I put on over the years and to get shot of the things going around my head.


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I'm straight edge and lately wanted to give up caffeine as well... Coffee wasn't that hard-never really liked it anyway, only drank it when I was feeling limp and tired...
But coke...Coke-light is probably one of my worst addictions! >.<
It tastes sweet but has almost no calories <3
But I don't want to enlarge my risk to get osteoporosis...so i have to cut down on it and eat yogurt every now and then, I guess...
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