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  1. LetItGo

    LetItGo Staff Alumni

    I think coffee has become an addiction for me. I know its totally lame, and perhaps it doesnt have the health consequences of other addictions (although when you consider the sugar involved....even 1 teaspoon per cup starts to add up)

    Ive been having at least 3 a day lately, sometimes more. It depends on how accessible it is, and how stressed out I feel. Having it at home means I drink more, but at least its cheaper. Taste like shit though compared to a decent cafe brew.

    I drink it because like the effect it has on my brain. It switches me on. When Im walking around the streets I feel like a hunter. Sounds odd, but my eyes and brain move lightning fast. My perception and focus is keen. I feel like a wildcat would feel on a nightly prowl.

    But I hate the fact Im consuming so much sugar. I only take 1 per cup, but as I said earlier...that adds up. Its not all that good for my stomach either. I think its both the milk and the caffeine which sometimes irritates my stomach. That effect is difficult to predict. Sometimes it does..sometimes it doesnt. I dont like the effect it has on my makes me twitchy when I have a particularly strong cafe brew, but conversely...that brew really improves my senses.

    I like feeling alert, I like what it does for my observational skills - I can observe peoples behaviour, the wind, the rain, the sunshine and the birds considerably better than I normally would, but I would like an alternative. Not energy drinks. Full of sugar and god knows what in terms of preservatives, colours etc...Tea is no better than coffee for me, and it dries me out. Id like a natural alternative that is refreshing and gives me the same pick up in the senses.

    Any idea's?
  2. Tam

    Tam Well-Known Member

    I can't suggest an equivalent alternative (it's the caffeine after all giving you the speed effect). But I can say that caffeinated coffee IS addictive and if you drink too much you can get into a cylce of getting headaches from withdrawal, which requires more coffee to get rid of, which in turn gives you more headaches unless you keep up that level of intake. And as you've noticed, it can make you twitchy and nervy. I now drink decaffeinated coffee, though it doesn't have the same buzz the senses effect - at least I get my fix of taste!
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