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  1. Something has come to my attention lately. My friends have always been saying "If you were going to kill yourself you'd have done it already" and also been telling me it's an idiotic idea. But how can they possibly expect me to look past that and get over that phase when they continually ask "You gonna kill yourself yet". It's bloody stupid. Bloody hell. They think i'm goth and emo, just because i like black, blood, gore, horror and metal and such. Is it just because i'm different they think me like this.
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    Anybody that has never comtemplated suicide should not judge people who have without a lot more thought. I've been told it is selfish and idiotic and wrong and all other things. But they were never in positions where they felt they didn't have any other choice. Stupid people love their side of the story and will hardly look at yours.

    Suicide isn't something you should do because your into suicidal feelings, it is when you have either lived your life to the full and are done now or if you have no way out of your problems at all and know this fully. I've been debating suicide with myself for 2 years and i'm only just beginning to realise both sides of the story.

    Don't let the questioning of the ill informed change your mind for you. You have to remember goths moshers EMO's etc... are all steriotypically connected with death and misery so you might not be taken seriously if you have problems with suicidal feelings by people who are part of know about that culture. You should go and see a professional or tell us what has made you think about things like this in the first place.
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    BT first of all I'd like to tell you that I really doubt your friends know what it's like to feel in such a way otherwise they wouldn't say such a stupid and careless thing.For someone to say that to you is so thoughtless and well so unintelligent especially if they're at a reasonable age to understand and if they are aware you may be having a tough time with things.
    Next of all you're free to like what you do and I envy you for that because you may have different taste's of things to others,but who cares it doesn't mean you deserve to be treated like trash etc.They're are the one's that need to do the growing up not you,don't let clueless people hurt you I know it's hard but try your best to not let them get to you.P.S I'm from Oz as well.
  4. Thanks h20smack and thanks ace.

    I know i shouldn't let it get me down but i guess you get to the point where you find you hate how people see you. I mean the other day i was told i was emo, then got told i wasn't emo but i was goth. Is it that i'm stereotyped because i like to wear black and like heavy metal bands? Is it because i barely talk my feelings to anyone else? I only choose these things because they help me be myself. I keep having to remind myself that i'd rather be liked for who i am rather than liked for being some creation of my friends minds, the ideal friend who will do everything for someone and expect nothing back (Not that i'd expect anything back anyway, not that i wouldn't want it, but how can someone give you back your dead mother, or all the things you've lost, or the feelings you wanted to have forever but got ripped away from you).

    I know that i should try to be someone that would be liked by everyone, but it's simply not possible for me. If they could stop and listen and realise why i am the way i am then it would help, but they are too caught up in their own lives to listen to much else.

    I hate seeing people under labels and i hate being put under a category. I can't see how people can say "Oh that person slits their wrists so they must be emo". It's Pathetic! Do people honestly think that it matters, a person who slits their wrists is a cutter, big deal so what. Who knows why they do it and who knows how they feel. I also hate how people with previous records of doing certain things can stand back and label someone else when they were just as bad.

    Ace I can't remember telling you i was in Oz, but anyway. Okay ... :)
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    Oz is displayed under your avatar ;)
    Your right about it. It shouldnt matter what 'band' you belong in. If your cutting there is something up that at the very least is troubling you too much.
    I think people like to put people into groups so that they don't have to think about them as hard.
    It's like the army. It's easier to think of 200 troops as a company than it is to thinkvof them as bill the engineer and robert the guy with the flamethrower and etc...
    But we are all different and when somebody needs help it is silly to try and help them based of some stylish nametag. You are you and your different to the rest in many ways and similar as well.
    But at least here were not gonna judge you and steriotype you.
    Your wise to want to be liked for who you are. Living behind a mask is ok in the short run but is horrible the more you leave it on.
  6. People must like to put people into groups although it's lazy and pathetic, but they still do it.

    But thanks again guys ...
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    BT people can be very cruel especially at school the thought of understanding and maturity is surely not of an expected level.Hopefully in years to come they will understand what it's like, and if they ever experience it will go back in time and say gees what pain BT was in sorry I don't know your real name:smile:.
    Unless you've been there or are in that dark hole you don't know what it's like,and try to remember that these people don't understand what it's like instead they're probably labelling you because you choose to have different likes to them.
    But it's not your fault that it gets to you and upsets you,so don't take that out on yourself because if you could fix that like that you would.Just to let you know you can talk to me anytime.the fact is that if you cut you aren't feeling the best and "NO" people don't understand what it feels like because they aren't in your body and mind.
    Next of all I wanted to let you know that alot of people are also followers who just go along with the fashion etc just to supposedly fit in.But you at least express yourself for who you are and what you like and don't hide it.I know it's quite frustrating as people don't understand how you feel,I'm 31 now and I have people saying thing's all the time like my parent's friends,family,friends etc you got to try and do this and that,I say to myself you think you know what it's like and that you're in my body and mind and that I don't try come and stay one day just live one day of my life.
    I'm just saying people cannot simply label you or make a judgement for whatever reasons just like we shouldn't on others,so what do people know what it feels like being you?They have no idea BT but I'm happy to see that you're doing your best,but I'm concerned if you're cutting though I really am.
  8. Thanks.

    Don't be concerned. I've been a good girl for like the last 4 months. Trust me if you knew me back last year 3 days before Valentines then you'd have right to worry.
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