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    just had to scrape up $800 to pay an overdue fuel oil bill - tank ran dry last night - 55 in the house, 13 outside this morning

    wife got the bill saying we owed $1,200 and that no more deliveries would happen unless we called and made some kind of arrangements

    that was almost 3 weeks ago

    then she got angry because we ran out

    that was the last of my emergency funds - we MAY be able to get food on friday - no idea how i'm going to pay for car insurance (mine) much less the mortgage

    will have some additional after 4/1 but heaven knows what the IRS will want

    may have to ask daughters for a loan - i don't want to do that - proves that i can't provide for them

    god i feel like shit
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    Assuming that you live in the US, it is horrible that a country that has so many resources in wealth can let people be in this condition. And sadly you are far from alone. So many of us live way below the poverty level these days. Have you looked into Liheap? Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. I hope you can get some relief from these payments. Also, as hard as it sounds, have you looked into the possibility of food stamps? It is not the fault of the every day people that this is happening to too many of us. It is a shame upon those who live in excess and vote to cut basic programs etc that would prevent people from suffering the pain too many of us find ourselves in at this time. The shame is on them. Not on people who are living honestly.
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    issue isn't poverty

    issue is money management and wife's habit of ignoring/not paying bills until something falls apart

    it's why i control paying the mortgage, cell phone, car payments

    she doesn't think about what money should be used for and spends way too much of it on clothes, dining out, hair, won't shop for groceries from a list but picks up odd snacks and things - things she WANTS - oh she manages to pay the electric and cable companies thank god but will spend every day out for lunch with my son then complain that she doesn't have enough money to pay her credit card

    meanwhile i'm still wearing the same broken, scratched and chipped pair of glasses that i've had for years, wearing the same clothes to work until they wear out - and weird as it may seem, THAT doesn't bother me - i've never been overly concerned with things like that where i'm concerned

    the only thing left that i can do is open new accounts in my name only and move my paychecks there - if i do that though, it means that that i will have to be doing everything and i honestly don't know if i have the sheer energy (given my lack of stamina these days) to do that and put up with the constant bitching and moaning when i end up putting her on an allowance