Colin, dear friend

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  1. Hangman

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    Colin said yes
    I said no
    I would have bothered less
    If he hadn't bugged me so

    I told him to fuck off and never return
    Well, it just proves that I never learn
    He says he only wishes me well
    But all he does is give me hell

    I tried to be his friend
    Which came to haunt me in the end
    I tried to push him away
    But he had come to stay

    "You're destroying everything! I want you out of my life, out of my head"
    "I've made you very interesting! I am part of you, without me you're better off dead"

    I've tried reason, I've tried being Mr. Nice guy
    Now I know, by all means Colin has to fry
    For his selfishness and greed
    In my restless soul is where he feed

    He feasts on my every deed, on all my good dreams, and it seems to be all he needs

    Then why does he take control, hasn't he done enough?
    He grips my soul, my hands he cuff

    He use me like a puppet on his strings
    Makes me talk, dance and bow for his every will
    He says I can't live without him by my side
    That I can't hide without the protection of his shadow wide

    But I know what must be done
    There is a way since he never won
    Call it destiny, call it fate
    I know I must jump before it's too late.

  2. Petal

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    good poem :hug:
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