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  1. selly

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    this is just a collection of the poems i've written that i think are somewhat decent. i might post some more of mine eventually if people seem to like these ones.

    feedback on what other's think is clearly appreciated :biggrin:

    August or November, It Doesn't Make Much Difference

    60 times 60 means there’s 3600 pieces on the floor
    One for every minute in every hour that you stole
    Shattered like your bedroom window that you destroyed
    On that dark and balmy summer night last August
    When you lost all hope
    Like your childhood security blanket
    Inside your bedroom walls
    So hold onto the silence
    And keep your mouth tightly shut
    With rusted lock and key
    Because your voice just isn’t as beautiful
    Without the static


    I mould to your body
    My tears soaking your sweater
    You whisper words rich with love
    Yet laced with disappointment
    I attempt to make feeble conversation
    But with a finger to the lips you quiet me
    And the thud of blood in my ears grows ever stronger
    How I’ve longed to hear it quicken then cease
    You draw me close with a sultry gaze
    I hold my breath in tense anticipation
    Watching your dazed eyes
    You lean close to me
    Your lips are so sweet
    As they connect with mine
    But a spoonful of sugar
    Makes the poison taste fine


    Halfway to nowhere
    On the path of destruction
    Let’s end this tonight while you choose your weapon
    Because this is how it all goes down
    On a dim lit street in the middle of nothing
    And let’s pretend we’re Romeo and Juliet
    With a violent twist added for effect
    Lovers stay lovers in the end
    Under starlit skies
    On blood stained roads
    Until the end of time our love will go


    Do you want to break the stars with me?
    We’ll steal their beauty
    Cut ourselves with the pieces
    And fall asleep wrapped up together
    In the blackest night they’ve ever seen
    The time turns into forever and never
    Tonight’s distress is tomorrow’s regret
    You hated every word I said
    Each letter sharpened and made to kill
    They bleed you dry of every dream
    So stay in this moment for as long as it lasts
    While every inch of me I’ll lay it down
    For you to have the softer fall

    Summer Days Mean Bloody Nights

    Well I don’t know how you’ll feel about this
    I’m not sure this fits your guidelines
    So I said “Baby, watch out. I’m an intellectual tonight.”
    He said “Don’t let these lonely summer days kill you”
    And then ten thousand unspoken words passed by
    From my eyes of blue to his of beautiful brown
    This silence soaks into my head
    Blooming ten thousand more of those breathless words
    So you drain me of those useless letters
    Lay me down and fill me with your pretty pictures
    Take me away to that elated state
    That ecstasy
    I’ll mark an X on my faded calendar
    On the day we can run away


    All wrapped up in ribbon I gave myself to you
    And hung myself up like an ornament from these rafters
    What a tight noose this romantic tragedy becomes
    Together forever we’ll be
    You can sleep next to me for a lifetime
    And with a bloody heart on my sleeve
    I’m easy to read
    So tear me open
    My love on a silver platter
    Take it or break it I’m yours to destroy
    Happily ever after doesn’t come cheap
    But at the end of the day
    Your all the wealth I need


    Motionless on a broken mattress
    I’ll speak to these whitewashed walls
    In a tone usually saved for those of importance
    And while they listen most intently
    Nothing worthy spills from these lips
    So the simulated intellectual conversation dies
    And the winter still takes us over
    With it’s radiant white and deadly silence
    Multicoloured scarves and frozen fingers
    You can’t measure emotion with mercury
    Only a lack of warmth
  2. John6491

    John6491 Well-Known Member

    Wow they are great and I hope you do post more of your poetry.
  3. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    Wow!!! you are really a great poet! thanks so much for sharing yur great work with us!!! :) :D
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