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  1. Krist89

    Krist89 Member

    poem 1 Stay Away

    Give me a room give me some food and give me two word's. Stay away. Stay away? Stay away... It's what I had said it's what I've been saying but then again. You gave me a room you gave me some food and gave me two word's. Stay away and left that day...
  2. Krist89

    Krist89 Member

    Peom 2 (perfection)

    Who are we to reject our self of true oginality?
    Who are you to say anyone's wrong?
    Who are we as a whole or as a race
    to think we can remark on perfection?
    When we as a human are only as good
    as we veiw ourself...
  3. Krist89

    Krist89 Member

    Poem 3 (love)

    I cry upon my bed awaiting that day.
    Holding myself at night trying not to yell.*
    Daybreak I break I rage you swear.*
    I'm not alone but feel lonley.
    These are the words...

    I*love you
  4. Krist89

    Krist89 Member

    Poem 4 (power)

    Power is the mind's diverce way of being better than others...
  5. A.SoNiC.boY

    A.SoNiC.boY Well-Known Member

    I reallllly liked the 2nd one. :)
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