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College is screwing me!

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Okay, so I come back from chem discussion and guess what? I have an email that says I apparantly was kicked from my university and its talking about me returning to school. I was never notified of being kicked out or w/e. Now I'm scared/annoyed/pissed off, anything else. This is so fucked up- because I don't know what to do :(

And I owe everything I already paid too.. so 2x tuition and 2x Board(for one year), and no way I can afford that. !! Ughh, this is depressing, and speaking of that. When i was working due to this- I began feeling all cornered and stuff, and started thinking of my easy way out => death. And the sad thing is that I was actually contemplating the consequences and procedures. Of course it's gone through my head earlier but never this seriously. Because uptil now I've had one bad turn after another, and now there's this. I don't want to say that it can't get worse, because it probably can (and will). But not only did this come at me as a surprise, it also came at the worse possible time for me.

Life isn't convenient is it..? Doesn't seem like it to me right now :mellow:

Thanks for reading- if you did. lol


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It's sort of stupid that college will acknowledge the flu as a problem but I'm not sure how much they look into mental health problems that impede our performance. Keep it up. Chemistry is awesome.
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