College services mental illness

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What sort of help is there at college for those of us with mental illnesses? I need a sort of safety net to help me not fail when i start in 2 months..

Is it only talk therapy they do or what? I. Dont wanna fail college. Im already on meds and have a psychologist.


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I have a couple of friends who go to the Campus Counseling Center, they both see therapists at home, and see counselors on campus too. They say it helps. I don't know where you're going to go to school, but where I go the professors and instructors are really helpful especially if you talk to them, or let them know if you're having an issue with something in class, and there are tutoring centers available. Good Luck at school! It is a BIG change, but it is easily done! I'll be a junior this fall. You CAN do this!
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