Colon cleanse?

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    Has anyone here ever done one of these, where you don't eat for ten days but take liver supplements, drink pysllium husks and bentonite clay (Also you can have some fruit/veg in liquid form preferably or solid if you really need something but you generally avoid solids to give the digestive system a rest and refrain from slowing the 'detox' process down...I use the term detox lightly though....)

    I can not do my liver flush until my colon/kidneys are in better shape.

    I just wondered if anyone here had done one before and could share any tips or tell me how you got through the ten days (I am stuck at home with nothing but dying to think about and every hour is slow so I'm not sure how well this will go....)

    I have some olive leaf but not sure what else to take (other than maybe milk thistle)

    Thanks for any replies, but if no-one has anything to add that's okay :)

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    colon cleanse? i thougth that was when they put coffee in a place where it doesnt belong
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    lmao yeah the coffee enema! That's definately a part of it. I've had colonics before but never done a diy colon clean and I don't think I intend to....imagine if it went wrong...I'd never be able to step foot into Starbucks again. *shudders*

    I was thinking of booking professional colonics again but then I read a horror story of some woman who was left with serious stomach problems as after one, presumably because the person who did it did something wrong up there. So I'm really up in the air on that one. I have enough problems as it is.
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    Hi Brokengirl,

    I've done cleanses in the past. I've also done numerous 3-10 day water and/or juice fasts. I've also had several colonics before.

    If you're wanting to go down the route of water-fasting with the supplements then 10 days is a long time and if you haven't done it before and if your body is damaged you could end up doing more harm than good. If you really want to do it this way I'd suggest going to a fasting clinic so the doctors there can monitor you and end the fast if problems begin to arise. I've never been to one, I always did my fasts at home alone and used trial and error but it is risky if you don't know exactly what you're doing and if you're not completely in tune with your body. If you don't fancy going to a clinic then you can maybe consider doing a 1-3 day water fast at home. The risks are obviously lower because it's only for a few days and it might be a good place to start to get a feel for fasting and prepare your body and mind for possible future fasts which are longer in duration. If you do decide to fast, make sure you have nothing planned on those days because you may feel - and it's advisable - that you need to rest and not move much.

    A safer type of fast is a juice fast where you drink several pints a day - or more - of freshly juiced fruit and veggies. You'll need a juicer for this however which can be pretty expensive. It's safer because the body is still getting nutrients so the cleansing process is slower and more gentle. There are certain recipes that are geared up to cleansing certain organs, such as drinking lemon and ginger to support the liver.

    A few years ago I spent 6 months and a separate 4 months eating just fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, leafy greens and herbs with lots of juices and smoothies. There are people who eat this way for many years and sometimes most of their life. While there's no way I'd recommend it to anyone for such long periods, maybe you could consider eating just these foods for several days, or maybe up to a week to give your internal organs a break and a clean.

    I've experimented with some supplements in the past and from what I've seen, they're usually pretty expensive and have limited use. Nothing can beat fresh fruit n veggies n herbs and clean water to heal the body, in my opinion.

    I have to say I don't recommend you do any of the things I've suggested 'cause I'm not a doctor etc. etc.
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    Why would you need a colon cleanse if you can continuously eat healthy... it will cleanse itself, won't it?
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    thorns all over - eating healthy is great and yes will keep you clean. But colon cleanses are very beneficial too especially when you have hindered or damaged yourself with medications (eg pain meds that constipate) and accutane for me, and also junk food in general. They are a good thorough cleanse, they give your digestive system a break from food which allowsd it to focus better on cleaning, and they are a great kick-start to health. They are also necessary for people like me when you need to do a liver flush. But yep, healthy eating sure is great so keep on with that :)

    Paul - You really sound like you know what you are talking about which is great. I always appreciate advice and opinions from people with knowledge/experience but I get that you are not a doctor and of course I thoroughly check things out before I do stuff so don't worry, no law suits coming your way haha :)

    I have done a 7 day one before but had a few nuts/seeds along the way and some diluted broth plus fruit and small bits of veg. I wanted to do water and clay/husks only but couldn't manage it. We did it down south in a caravan and made a little holiday of it so with all that moving about I just needed energy. I couldn't go to a clinic with the state I am in at the minute I need to constantly be around someone as my thoughts go the wrong way when I am alone. But they sound like a great place to be if you can do it, I would have looked into it otherwise.

    I cleaned up my diet for the most part a couple of weeks after christmas, having only a few bad meals or bad days here and there. Then about 5 weeks ago I started juicing and going for it with the fruit and veg, plus getting protein and have had some wholemeal bread, quinoa, stuff like that on an evening. But then I didn't eat or drink much for a week when I was overly suicidal which along with the manic stress, crying, hysteria really did not help my body and I started looking skinny and knackered and just awful, not to mention it didn't help 'move things alon' inside. I am back on track now and eating again so with the odd slip up I have had a bit of a clean already but I am conscious that it has not helped much as I am still pretty clogged up as I take painkillers for my endometriosis, joint pain (though I try not to) which are so constipating. So everything is recycling and going back into my body and I really need to clean it out if I am to get this poison out of me.

    My other bit is a health nut and we (he lol) has a matstone juicer which is awesome it was like £400 but is absolutely amazing for juicing. I am conscious I do not want too much sugar though even though it is natural, so I am happy to juice my tomatoes and have the lemon juice but I want to ease up on other stuff. I've been getting a lot of lemon juice in the past few weeks to help my sinuses and it is amazing I can smell everything, I could smell grape in his aftershave and the cinammon in mums drink and had no idea it was in there. Lemons are great and powerful! I drank lemon water constantly on the first cleanse. I have heard of the benefits of ginger, but I can not stomach it, not to drink let alone to chew on! What do you think of taking them in pill form, or do you not think they will be as beneficial that way?

    Leo knows a lot of stuff but I have been doing his head in the past few weeks with my constant crying and blank staring and then suddenly all my questions, I am always asking and looking to him for advice because I value it but I think he needs a break from me. He is working lots and tired too. Things just aren't the same atm and I know its my fault so I thought I'll just figure this stuff out on my own if I can. We are distant sometimes right now, I can tell he is getting tired of me bringing him down all the time.

    10 days was always the golden number he talked about but maybe I could shorten it then, it could be safer like you say. I could aim for 5. We already have olive leaf in so I will use that and I will use the clay and of course the fibre but maybe just avoid too many supplements, you are right they are expensive...I don't mind paying out for stuff when I know it is a great help but otherwise I hate spending money! lol.

    I am not up to much atm as I went on sick from work as I was suicidal with intent a few weeks ago. I am worried about my thoughts and feelings as I start the cleaning process. I am so up and down right now. I really need to stay busy and avoid negative thinking but that is hard as I do it night and day. I only feel positive when I think about improving things and also getting any residual accutane (poison) out of my livereventually may make a difference, so I will have to cling to the hope that doing this can help improve certain things at least a little bit.

    Something funny today..I was picking a prescrip from Boots and an old woman, god bless her, was talking to my mum and said what a beautiful girl what lovely rosy cheeks and lips. I just laughed inside. I have heard it before. My lips look red like I have mild lipstick on it is because they still shed and peel and some days they still tear and bleed because of the accutane and it is so so so painful and I haven't been able to wear lipstick or gloss, on my lips for 3 years, I have to use savlon or vaseline every few hours or I'm in real trouble. It is serious trouble if I leave the house without it, no exagerration. Guess it was nice that she saw something good out of something that causes me pain, bless her heart. I cling to the hope that rebuilding my body and getting rid of this poison can rebuild my skin, at least a little. Okay so I will always be intolerant to sun, fine, but if I can improve the flushing and the little tiny stuff like my painful lips that is something. Improve my physical joint pains and stomach ones.

    Of course most of the time I do not believe it but I am willing to do anything to at least try and improve the rest of my life, however long or short, even if only by 10% I know I can not change everything I want to or make it the way it used to be. Just a bit of improvement to see me through these next few years. I know I won't have long life now.

    Sorry long post. Thanks for your input Paul, truly appreciate it. Let me know what you think about the ginger in pill form. Also can I ask what herbs you are referring to specifically and how you incorporate them into your diet.

    Thanks v.much, please excuse the rambles and focus on the health stuff :laugh:

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    Hi B/G - I'd really encourage you to look into the way the Chinese medicate by their foods. Hubby and I are just getting into it, and base our eating around lightly stir-fried veggies flavoured with fresh garlic, chilli and ginger. A couple of titles: The Compelte Book of chinese Health & Healing by Daniel Reid, and the Tao of Healthy Eating - Dietary Wisdom According to Chinese Medicine by Bob Flaws

    The Chinese paid their doctors a 'retainer' while he kept them well. They stopped paying him when they got sick! They treated everything with food, and there's proper science behind it
  8. Brokengirl123

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    Thanks urPrecious that is great advice, I really do believe in the power of food and what we do and do not put in our bodies, I know it can help, it is in fact the only thing I think can help me now. That's also v.interesting what you say about the Chinese and their doctors! I will do some research into that when I get bored again tomorrow :) Thanks very much.
  9. youRprecious!

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    That's awesome to hear, it will be well worth the research. there is also the BLOOD TYPE DIET you could Google - we did that for a few years before the Chinese thing.....( it sort of prepared us by cutting out gluten, dairy etc.) I've also heard that yoghurt with acidophilus culture is one of the most medicinal foods out there (even though it's classified as dairy, that's the one exception that's good!) All the best with it
  10. Brokengirl123

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    That sounds good, thanks, I am going to do some reading today! Probiotics of all kinds are essential for me but I can't eat yoghurt of any kind or drink milk/most milk based products anymore :( they seriously upset my stomach. Cheese is not quite so bad weirdly, but only in small amounts. So I take some probiotic tablets but wish I could have it in the natural way. I will have to find my medical card with my blood type on as I have forgotten :D