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    I awoke to my darkened room, long before the Sun.
    Winter's chill invaded my body, and I shivered violently.
    There was something inevitable about the snowfall today.
    It's simple white perfection symbolizing the pristine image my life has taken in the preceding weeks.
    I was bundled closely with cloth, biding my time until the Sun illuminated the frigid paradise outside.
    With it would awaken humanity, rising slowly, a giant, come to destroy the beauty around me.
    It would trudge across the landscape until the snow was as the sky, gray and polluted.
    I found myself wondering if the pristine image of my life could be tarnished in this manner as well...
    Would my life turn into the contemptible slush discarded throughout the city?
    Would I too be tarnished by my interactions with humanity?
    Could I save myself from this giant?

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